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Barcelona - Real Madrid

Lucas Vázquez: “The team did a great job and it was a fair result"

NEWS STORY. 24/10/2021. Bárbara Jiménez

“El Clásico is a game we always want to win for the fans”, added Courtois.

Real Madrid claimed victory in El Clásico and Lucas Vázquez, who netted the second goal, reflected on the contest in the following terms: “The team did a great job and we showed that we came here looking for the win. We worked really hard and really played as a unit, attacking and defending as a team. It was a fair result and we're really happy”.

“As a team, we’re showing that we're united and committed. We're hungry and want to win all of our games so as to put ourselves in a position to win some silverware and celebrate with the fans come the end of the season. The coach asked us to all work together and defend as a mid block and once we regained possession to quickly break away on the counter-attack with Rodrygo and Vini Jr., who are just so fast”.
“I dedicated the goal to my dad, who celebrates his birthday today. I'm really happy to have been able to score that goal for him and with the win”.

Courtois: "It was a really good win"
“El Clásico is a high-intensity game and one we always want to win for the fans. It was a really good win and it's another win in El Clásico and an important one to keep us up there”.

"We were very good on the ball throughout the game, we defended well and they didn't create any good chances until the goal. We had chances, but the finishing wasn't there. Going ahead in the first half is always positive, but we need to be more focused".
"We always give our whole for this badge and our hard work was there to be seen today. Our goal came as a result of our commitment. The coach asked us to play long, but when we're winning, we need to defend the result without going crazy and it's important to stay organised. We did that today. LaLiga is very tight, there are a lot of difficult matches coming up. It's going to be tough until the end, it's always good to get a win here".
Vini. Jr.
"Vini causes problems, he's fast and a good dribbler. He's an important player and helped us a lot today, despite not scoring".

Blow on the knee
"I felt some pain in my knee when I struck the ball, but I could carry on. I hope it's nothing serious".