Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We're going to deliver our highest level to try and win LaLiga”

NEWS | 21/05/2021

“My players have always given everything. From beginning to end, with all the injuries, COVID…”, added the madridista coach.
Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane appeared in an online press conference in the build-up to the clash with Villarreal on LaLiga matchday 38 (Saturday, 6:00pm CEST): “It's a special day. It's the final game of our LaLiga campaign. We've had our problems but we've made it here and we'll give it everything we've got. We'll leave it all out on the pitch. We know who we're up against, a team that is playing some great football. We're fully focused on doing all we can to take these three points".

"The most important thing isn't me or anyone else, it's the team, tomorrow's game and what we want to achieve, that's what drives us. That's the truth. We're only thinking about the Villarreal game because with all that's happened this year, we're going to deliver 90 minutes of our best football to try and win the LaLiga title".

Assessment of the season
"In 2017 we won it on the final day. That's what makes football and LaLiga so beautiful. It's been a good season but the key thing is to give it our all and we've done that, both the players and everyone else who works for the team. We'll see if it's going to be a 10 out of 10 or a 9.5. We have faith we'll give it all we've got and take the three points".

"My players have always given their all. From beginning to end, with the injuries, COVID… I regret little things because I'm very critical of myself and I'm a winner. I hate losing, even if it seems like I'm not bothered by anything at times. I give everything to win and that's the Real Madrid DNA. The players want to win and they have always given it their best, despite the difficulties we've had".

His future
"The important thing is this game. There'll be time to discuss that. All our energy is focused on tomorrow's match because after 37 games, we're not going to waste time talking about what might happen next season. We're excited by the idea of winning LaLiga and we'll give it everything we've got".

"I'm not tired. I came back here full of energy and I have given it my all. It's a tough job but that's our bread and butter. We have to be on it all the time, but that's what motivates us. We're incredibly fortunate to be at this great club and we should make the most of every moment. After a season like this, the only thing left to do for everyone is to rest up a bit and enjoy ourselves, regardless of what happens. We're excited about the possibility of winning LaLiga and we'll do all we can".

I really love my players, they have given it their all in every game.

"I really love my players because they've saved me out on the pitch by giving it absolutely everything in every single game. I'll always be hugely grateful to them and to think they'd like me to stay makes me feel incredibly proud. The fans have always been fantastic with me and I've repaid them by giving everything I have to Real Madrid, which is the best thing that's ever happened to me: playing here and being here for almost 20 years. When people say nice things about you, of course it makes an impact".

Change since Huesca press conference
"You had criticised me immensely back then. That's part of football and that's it. But I was just asking you to let the team work, we were the reigning champions and these lads deserve the chance to fight to the end. We'll make our judgements at the end of the season. Working together we turned things around and here we are on the final day in LaLiga. We live for this feeling and we're still in it".

Ramos' return
"He'll be with us. He trained normally today. You'll see the line-up tomorrow".

Would you take Ramos to the Euros?
"I'm not the Spain coach. If you ask me, I'd always take Sergio. Whatever happens. He always gives everything he has".

"He's got a knock. It's not much but we don't want to risk him. He didn't train today because something's up. He won't be available tomorrow".

Benzema's return to the France team
"I'm thrilled for him. It was what he wanted and I'm really pleased for him. He's been doing great things on the pitch, I hope the national side take advantage of his game".