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Zidane: “It would be a mistake to think about Wednesday's game already"

NEWS | 19/02/2021

“We've got a LaLiga game on Saturday and it's the most important thing heading into what's to come", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared before the press at Real Madrid City ahead of his side's clash with Valladolid (9:00pm CET). The coach stated: “It would be a mistake to think about Wednesday's game already. We've got a LaLiga game on Saturday and we'll concentrate on that because it's the most important thing heading into what's to come. We've had a fantastic week, so now it's time to demonstrate all we've been doing on the pitch”.

"It's a crucial game and we know it'll be tough because Valladolid are at home, in need of the points and they'll give it everything. We want to see a great performance from the first minute until the end. There are 45 points to play for and we're going to focus on ourselves without worrying about what other teams are doing. Everyone has to make their own way and we have to follow our path and take it game by game".

"Our motivation comes from our day-to-day preparations to get ready to play. That's what we have to show and we're lucky enough to be here enjoying ourselves day in day out. We're still in two competitions, LaLiga and the Champions League and we're going to go all out in both of them and give it everything we've got until the end of the season".

“He won't be with us in Valladolid because he's feeling a bit of discomfort. It came up yesterday and we'll see about next week. It's always a blow when the players pick up injuries but we know what a key man he is for us. He's injured so we have to look at the guys who are ready and then try and get him back as soon as possible".

"We want to avoid any more injuries but sadly it depends on a whole range of things and lately we haven't been able to have our players playing at their best and there are a lot of injury issues. We have to be patient and make sure those of us who are fit give it our all, and focus on getting all our players back. They all want to get back to training and playing but it's true we've suffered a fair bit recently".

We're still in two competitions and we're going to go all out in both of them and give it everything we've got until the end of the season.

"Football is very tough these days and there's never an easy win. That's what makes football great. Either you're focused and committed or you switch off and anyone can beat you. The Spanish league is strong and it's still a fantastic competition, I think this is just a spell".

His special moment at Zorrilla 
At the end of the day it wasn't a goal so it's not such a great play. It was a nice move but I should have scored and I didn't. You might remember the move but nobody else will because it didn't end in a goal".

Contract renewals and new signings
"There's always discussion and anyone can say whatever they like. We want to get the guys who are here tied up as soon as possible because that's best for everyone. This is Real Madrid and there will always be talk about players who could come here, that's never going to stop. We're focused on the upcoming games, that's all we're interested in"

Mbappé's hat-trick at the Camp Nou
“I watch all the games. I enjoy seeing good football, just like any other fan. His performance in the last game was incredible and I loved seeing what he could do because we know each other. I watched the game as a fan and I enjoyed seeing the things he was doing. Fans have the right to discuss his signing, of course, but we're just focused on tomorrow's game".

Mbappé or Haaland
“I love watching good players. The key thing is for the fans to see young guys doing great things on the pitch. They're two very good players, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar… They're really young lads and they're showing they're players for the present and the future. We deal with signings all together here: the club, the coach and those who work here. We're all involved. There's a lot of information and rumours going around and that won't change before the end of the season. All I can say is, and frankly I'm tired of saying it: we're focused on our day-to-day efforts".