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Zidane: “We'll fight until the final game”

NEWS | 05/02/2021 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"We won't let our heads drop. We want to do what we know how: play football and try to win games", commented the coach.
Zidane appeared to talk to the media in an online press conference ahead of the clash between Huesca and Real Madrid at El Alcoraz (Saturday, 4:15pm CET): “We know there's an awful lot of talk but we're keen to play the game and we're preparing to try and win it. We're only looking at the Huesca clash and to get back to what we were doing not long ago. We're going to fight until the final game." 

"The whole squad and the team deserve to give a good account of ourselves until the end of the season and that's what we're going to do. Then, whatever happens, happens, but we'll give it our all as a team. We won't let our heads drop. I can promise you that. We all want to focus and do what we know how: play football and try to win games." 

Fight until the end
"We're going to try to win trophies. Real Madrid is a big club and we’re going to fight until the end. There are two competitions ahead of us and we're going to give everything. I have faith in everyone. We're in these two competitions and there are 54 points at stake in LaLiga. We have six games before we play again the Champions League. We’re going to fight for both competitions until the end."
"I don’t know what will happen. But it’s important that we stay focussed. We deserve to finish strong with this squad and we're all going to fight to do so, especially myself as coach. I'm very fortunate to be here and I'm going to make the most of it until my final day. Just because people want me to give up, it doesn't mean I will, and the players won't either. We all want to show what we're about. There's talk about a difficult situation and we haven't been fantastic lately but we're eager to turn our fortunes around."
Sergio Ramos
“I hope it get sorted out. That’s all I can say. I hope Sergio stays here, as captain, after what he’s done here at Real Madrid. But I don’t know what will happen."

"We want to see Eden without any problems or injury trouble but he's having a run of bad luck. It's a very tough situation for him because he wants to show what he's got and play for Real Madrid. He's a player who one day, we'll see back playing well and injury-free. I hope that time comes now once he's recovered from his latest knock".

We're in two competitions and we're going to fight for them until the end.

“He’s been unlucky and it’s been tough for him. But we have to be positive. He’ll have to be well-prepared when he comes back and we know what he is capable of as a player. We’ll need him at 100%. He’s not happy about the situation and perhaps he doesn’t understand it because he does all he can to be in the best shape. These things are part and parcel of the game. He’s got to accept it and I’m sure something will change. He just wants to be fit.”
Vinicius Jr.
“He just has to keep working hard. He knows what he has to do. I don’t have to say anything.  He still has a lot to learn, which goes for all the young players. He’s trying hard and we’re going to help him develop as a footballer. My only concern about him and all the players is that they are 100% in the game. That’s all I’m aiming for. I can’t complain, because we’ve got 15 players and that’s the reality of it. We have to work with the 15 while we wait for the others to return. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later."
“He wanted to get more playing time. We spoke about it two or three times. At the end of the day, he wants to get game time and to have the opportunity somewhere else. I knew about Martin’s situation. I told him to stay, and that he had to fight for his place and be calm. The season is long and we needed him. That’s what I wanted, but it didn’t work out that way. The main thing is for him to be happy, as we are here".
 League champions
Of course we can win the league.  I’m on the training pitch every day to make sure everyone is working hard for it and so we can earn our right to win. Last season, we won the league by ourselves, Real Madrid. We have the right to fight for the league this season. Next year we’ll have to do more. Make changes and look at other things. But this season? We’re going to fight and try to defend our league title from last year. It wasn’t ten years ago, it was last year. We just want a bit of respect. The media talk a lot and we have to accept the criticism. If you want me to go say it, but it has to be said to my face."
“It’s down to me. If things don’t go well you have to look at who’s in charge, no doubt about it. I can’t say more. I’m sure we’ll have to do something next season. But this year we deserve this. I’ll say it again: this squad deserves the chance to defend its title. We can’t bottle it, no matter what happens. It’s easy to throw in the towel. But we’re going to fight until the end for the fans and they want that for their team. They want to see the team win, play well and that’s what we’re going to try to do."

Hard work
“You’re doing your jobs. One day I should be out, the next I’m in. Then if we draw or lose I’m out again. But I accept it’s your job to do that.  You’re doing your job, but we’re doing ours and we’re giving it everything. We’re going to fight and work hard just like you do. You have to let people do their jobs.”
"I think I’m the only one who thinks he’s going to lose his job every day. I don’t like being asked why we didn’t play well every time we have a bad game. I don’t think I deserve this treatment from the press. I’m lucky to be able to work with this squad. We won the league last season, and I think that merits a bit of respect. If things don’t work out then it’s my responsibility. I’m a bit upset. I’ve been in isolation for two weeks and wanted to get out to show that I’m going to fight until the end."