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El nuevo Santiago Bernabéu, en marcha

Structure of new towers on Paseo de la Castellana now visible


NEWS | 09/06/2020

The towers will provide support for the new roof and and access point for supporters.
The facelift being given to the Santiago Bernabéu is clear for all to see on the side of the stadium that runs along the Paseo de la Castellana after the installation of the metal structures belonging to the two new towers. In technical terms, the laying of the foundations involved wide-diameter concrete piles and, each tower, required a 4-metre deep pile cap and deep foundations were laid involving 26 piles measuring 1.80 m in diameter and of 36 m in depth.

These new towers will offer the new roof structural support and will replace the B and C towers, which will be demolished and the area they stand on will revert back to being a public space. The towers will also feature escalators, ramps and lifts and will provide new access points to the Santiago Bernabéu.