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Construcción del nuevo aparcamiento subterráneo

Progress being made on new underground car park


NEWS | 09/06/2020

It is located on the site of the former shopping centre.
The corner where Avenida de Concha Espina meets Calle Padre Damián is currently home to the building site of the club's new car park. The construction of the car park has been made possible by the demolition of the Esquina del Bernabéu shopping centre. After reaching down to the new underground level and digging up all of the excavated surfaces, work began on the construction of the five underground floors of Real Madrid's car park (the shopping centre car park offered three floors).
The new car park will provide 500 parking spaces and areas will be designed of the right height for Real Madrid and visiting teams to park their coaches, whilst there will be areas designated for the mobile broadcasting units and loading and unloading. In addition, the underground car park will be covered on ground level by a new 5,500 m2 square, which will improve the urban landscape.