Semana Blanca UEM. Pablo Laso

Pablo Laso and Enhamed Enhamed also took part in Semana Blanca's opening day

NEWS | 18/05/2020

The event, run by the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, takes place between 18 and 21 May.
The Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca (White Week), which runs from 18 to 21 May, is now underway. Emilio Butragueño acted as the moderator of the digital gathering, which featured three special guests on the opening day and he relayed the students' questions to the sporting masters. The first speaker was Fernando Alonso, who was followed by Pablo Laso. The coach of the club's basketball team gave a talk entitled Motivation and success: teamwork and explained that"We have to recognise that the players are people and not machines. Every time that Carroll shoots, I think that he's going to score, that's impossible, but I work to ensure that Carroll shoots all on his own. If the team manages to make that happen and Carroll shoots to win the league title, he can sink it or miss, we can be champions or otherwise, but our job will still have been well done". 

"We want to manage to achieve excellence, be competitive, be great, but we also need to show who we are and what we want to be. We're ambassadors for Madrid and when you're told that, they're not praising you, they're putting you under pressure. That means a lot and it's something that Real Madrid teaches you: that you must accept things and we try to instill values".
Enhamed Enhamed
The last participant of the day was sports adviser and medal-winning paralympic swimmer, Enhamed Enhamed. In his presentation, entitled Seeing a step further: Are you resilient in tough times?, he commented: "The best way to lift your spirits after losing a final is to set yourself a new target and learn lessons from what you've already achieved. You've got to understand that sport is basically a job, an opportunity and, in some instances, all about having a bit of luck".

"Our minds are full of noise, we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, if you don't have the time to connect with yourself it's very difficult to know where we are. To draw a parallel with football, there are many games where things change at half-time and that shows that the break was necessary".

Semana Blanca UEM. Enhamed Enhamed