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Unicaja - Real Madrid

Rudy: "It's amazing how ambitious and hungry this team is to win"

NEWS | 16/02/2020 | Edu Bueno (Málaga) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Pedro Castillo

"It's been a very complete tournament by the whole team", said Carroll.
Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey after beating Unicaja (68-95). The star players analysed the title they won in Malaga. Rudy said: "It's something incredible, we always have to thank the support of the fans and the work of our teammates and coaches. It has been a very difficult Copa del Rey but the best Real Madrid was seen when it mattered. It's incredible the ambition of this team and the hunger to win".

"I have a lot of nets and I want to keep collecting more. We knew the difficulty of this competition, the Cup has something magical. We tried in the semi-finals and in the final to give our all and give everything in defence. Offensively, we were right". 
Felipe Reyes: "The support of the fans is a very nice feeling"
"When you're a player, you win titles and get the support of people are very nice feelings. That's when you realise what's worth playing basketball for and the sacrifice you make throughout your career. I'm at Real Madrid and I can't settle, I have to keep working hard and helping the team. My goal is to always give 100%".
Carroll: "It was very difficult to win this Cup"
"I feel very good because it's hard to win the Cup. I am very grateful for the opportunity to win titles with Real Madrid. We have a lot of the season left and a lot of games to play. We've had a lot of success in recent years. It's been a very complete tournament for the whole team".

Tavares: "Our performance was very good"
"We got a big advantage against a good team and at home. We scored from all sides. There are games that we lose due to not hitting the baskets, in this final we were very good at that. Our performance has been very good from start to finish".
Deck: "The team has shown incredible character"
"From the first moment we thought about winning. I'm happy to be able to finish the competition this way. It's not easy, all the matches have been difficult, but the team has shown incredible character. We deserve this Cup because of the effort we've put in. Now let's rest and get on with what's coming up to continue winning titles".

Causeur: "I really wanted to win this title"
"I had to win this title with Real Madrid, I really wanted to do it. It's very special to have achieved it today. We won the Cup thanks to the work and suffering of the whole year and now we have to enjoy it to the maximum".

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