Alumnos de la escuela sociodeportiva de Rostov visitan Madrid

Students from the Rostov socio-sporting school visit Madrid

NEWS | 29/11/2019

The project has been developed with the Russian city's Technical University.
The Real Madrid Foundation hosted a group of students from the Rostov socio-sporting school (Russia) this week at Real Madrid City. Thanks to the support of Don State Technical University, the club's social partner since 2014, the organisation helps foster the integration of the most vulnerable young people through sport and its positive values. Over the course of a week, the children have enjoyed an experience of football, values and Real Madrid.
As well as watching Real Madrid beat Real Sociedad, they enjoyed training sessions at the Real Madrid City facilities with coaches from the Foundation. They took part in sessions geared towards the values ​​of teamwork, by doing activities where they learned how vital peer support can be when pursuing a common goal. They also worked independently to find out how to deal with the different problems and share out decision making. They also used their new-found knowledge by playing friendly games with children from the Orcasur and San Fernando de Henares socio-sporting schools.
Project Activities
The Rostov socio-sporting school helps more than 80 children in vulnerable situations. As well as the educational activities in values ​​through sport that the Real Madrid Foundation provides, there are other activities that help with family guidance as well as cultural activities and friendly tournaments that foster integration through sport. This season the coaches got training based on the methodology of the
Foundation For a REAL Education, Values and Sport.