Ramos: “I'm hungry and excited to keep winning titles with Real Madrid”

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NEWS | 10/09/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“I think it's going to be a good season for the team”, said the captain at the presentation of his documentary series.
A press conference has been held at the Reina Sofía art gallery in Madrid to present the documentary, El Corazón by Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain, joined by Georgina Brown, director of original series at Amazon in Europe, discussed the series about his life and assessed the current climate at the club: “I've won almost all there is to win with my team but I never stop dreaming or being excited. I would love to win more with Real Madrid. My fifth Champions League would be crazy, unbelievable. The same goes for the national team, winning the next Euros or the World Cup would be special”.
“I don't know whether The Ballon d'Or is near or further away but I wouldn't rule it out. Others have won it, such as Cannavaro. I've still got a childlike eagerness and that gives me the strength to continue. I can continue to perform at the top level for a while yet”.
Dreams to make come true
“Many people say the cycle has come to an end and there's no desire. Every year I say it, to reset is important to come back with hunger, desire and the ambition to work hard and win. As a captain, I'm always eager to keep winning trophies”.
His condition
“I'm in great shape physically and I'm hungry. I think it's going to be a great season for the team. All the teams are just starting out on the new campaign and we're going to get better, improving our style of play. We still have that hunger and desire to win again”.
Reasons for the documentary
“I made the decision to join forces with the best worldwide platform so that people could find out a bit more about Sergio Ramos, not just the image as a footballer. I'm a small-town kid, from Camas, full of ambition. I've worked hard for many years to fulfil my dreams. If this documentary helps anyone, any kid with a dream, it'll be worthwhile”.


“You learn from the tough moments in life. My career has been full of successes and the year we decided to tell the story, it ended up as you know. We didn't go into this knowing things would turn out great. You can't change reality. It's the first season and we don't know if there will be a second, third, fourth... It's easier to tell the story when you're winning. Life goes on and we have an immense desire to get back to winning ways. We're starting from scratch and our club forces us to aspire to every trophy and to come back with that hunger renewed”.
Content of the series
“It's a bit of everything, not just football. I have other passions. Football and family are the two most important things in my life. Horses and music are other passions I have. I've taken care to maintain my privacy over the years, but I think this is an important stage in my career and it's positive to let people know a little bit more”.
His image
“I didn't make this documentary to change people's opinion, but just to give them more information about me. I've always kept my personal life separate so now people will see another side. We're normal people, with good days and bad. They'll see my passions away from football. People's opinions are important and I respect them but I didn't film this to change their minds on me”.
Champions League elimination
“When you sign up to the project, you've got certain obligations and commitment as to what will be filmed. When you get knocked out of the Champions League the focus intensifies. It was a horrible day for everyone and it was pure chance we were filming. It was a painful day for us all, especially me. Nobody expected us to get knocked out. When it became apparent, we stopped filming because it wasn't nice to see. Not everything is perfect, it can't always go the way you'd like and that's the way things are”.
Ballon d'Or
“It's tough to assess the criteria for individual awards. Van Dijk is a wonderful centre-back and he deserves to be there. Most of the talk is about forwards so the idea a player in a different position could win it is something positive. Ultimately, football is a collective sport and it's not easy to assess an individual award because you don't know the criteria”.
Limits on filming
“They even had access to my kitchen. We worked with an amazing team who made us feel very comfortable. Pilar and I are more used to it but the kids were a bit unsure about having so many people in the house. There are very few filters, once you accept the project, you have to do it naturally”.
Georgia Brown: “Getting a player with Ramos' talent is key to the success”
“It's one of the most hotly anticipated series on the way and it reflects the type of content we're looking to make. We had access to one of football's most exclusive stars. Getting a player with Ramos' talent is key to the success. It's amazing he'd let us into his home and his personal life. Football is central to the series, but the personal element is crucial”.