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Osasuna - Real Madrid

Lucas Vázquez: “Wins come through the whole group being together”

NEWS | 25/09/2019

“Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo have got everything it takes to go on and become two superb players”, said the Galician winger.
Lucas Vázquez spoke to the media on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu after the win over Osasuna: “I’m very happy with the result and the hard work we put in, it was very important to get the three points. We must highlight the hard work of the whole team, from the first minute we came out very strong defensively and in attack and that is how we need to push on”.
“The manager has been doing the same throughout his career, with all of the squad. We’re happy with that philosophy and that we all get minutes. Wins come through the whole group being together. This is what we have shown lately, the coach has the whole group, he gives us opportunities and if we train well and compete, we are capable of everything”.
Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo
"We're really pleased for Vinicius Jr. He's a cracking lad who works as hard as anyone and tonight he did his bit with his goal. We're very happy with the two signings that the club made. We've got to take things slowly with them, they'll continue to develop. They've got everything it takes to go on and become two superb players. The message for them is that they need to keep on working just as they have been. They're wonderful lads and as long as they're gracious and work hard, they're capable of achieving whatever they want. I'm pleased to have played and done what I enjoy doing out there".
"The derby is an important game for us and we head into the game raring to win it".