Real Madrid - Valladolid

Zidane: “We deserved the three points”

NEWS | 24/08/2019

“We had chances to score in the first half but we didn't, that would have given us confidence”, added the coach.
Zidane spoke to the press at the Santiago Bernabéu following Real Madrid's draw with Valladolid: “It left a bitter taste in my mouth, we did the hardest part, scoring right at the end of the second half, but just three minutes later they pulled one back. It is a tough situation, it's complicated and hard when you know you deserved more, the three points, especially given all the chances in the first half, all we needed was a goal”.

“It was not down to Kroos losing the ball, that can happen at any moment, we were out of position defensively. We did the hard part but should have sent the ball up the pitch. We couldn't get the win, we need to grow and play till the end of the 90 minutes because they days you cannot afford to only put in 60 or 70 minutes.

“At 1-0 on 84 minutes we needed to be practical and have more conviction when the game tested us. That was what happened today and we need to accept that. Yesterday I said this would not be a walkover, any team can come here and cause real problems. We need to stay switched on for the full 90 minutes and if we played like we did in the first half we would have real options to win”.

“He played well. He came off because he took a knock, and if that happens I prefer not to risk it. He had a good game in the first half just like the rest of the team. He had a chance to score”.

If we played like we did in the first half we would have real chances of winning

“We`re not lacking goals. We have to believe more in what we're doing. Jović hit the crossbar with his first chance and Benzema got the goal. We have to stick at it and know that it will come when things change. We can be happy with the first half, creating lots of chances. We were missing goals and we need to be more positive and confident, but we will keep going and pushing for 90 minutes”.

“I notice the pressure, of course. Our fans get behind us. I know it's difficult but its like winning a title. We need our fans with the team and we will do everything from our side”.

Second half
“It wasn’t a physical drop. We are at the beginning of the season. We cant blame the heat either because it is the same for both teams. We went in less convinced and our game was not fluid. Its not a physical problem”.

Jović and James
“They are important players and provide options. We play a 4-4-2 and it's another option for us”.