Ayón: "We have the winning gene and we go in to the Final Four with courage"

NEWS | 12/05/2019

"The secret to always being at the highest level is the team's ambition", said the center.
Gustavo Ayón gave an interview on Realmadrid TV and spoke about what it means to play in a Euroleague Final Four again: "It is the most important and most difficult competition because of the format it has. Initially you play an all everyone to get in a position from one to eight, then you play a playoff to win three from five, which are very hard because winning away from home is very difficult; and then a Final Four where you play a match to get to the final and another to be crowned champions. And above all you experience a buzz like in few competitions".
"They always ask me the secret of the team or the recipe we have to always be at the highest level, and the only thing I can say is the team's ambition. Day after day, competition after competition, goal after goal, we always get it, always win, and that is the essence of the club, the team and the coaching staff. The players that come in are impregnated with that desire".
Make history
"When I arrived there were players here who had that desire and hunger and they transmitted it to you in some way. Now that I've been here for five years, those who arrived later are being transmitted to and told how important it is to win at this club. You can be one of the best players, but if you do not win... In this club you only go down in history if you win".
Message to the fans
"During these five years I have learned that the most important thing within the club is to win. We have the winning gene and we will go to represent all the Madridistas in the Final Four with the courage and concentration it deserves".

The Euroleague is the most important and difficult competition because of the format it has.

"CSKA are a very difficult opponent, like anyone who could have played in a semifinal and we already know what it is to win in a major Final Four match. It's a great team and you have to go out and give one hundred percent to win it".
Penultimate step
"The most difficult thing is the et sup. We must play with intensity, with the mind that is the most important game of the season and be focused during the 40 minutes to win it. I have had the experience of being in three Final Fours and the three have been totally different. For me the set up is the most important thing".
Real Madrid
"It's the best club in the world, here you live in an environment that you will not experience anywhere else, from fans, the press, day to day and work, and everything that surrounds the club and that's what makes it special. Fans, managers and all the people around the club are always thinking about the next goal and what is the goal to be achieved".
"The management of the team, how he controls it...He knows how to give his space and his time to each player and that has been very important for the time he has been here, and for the five years that I have been on the team. I have learned to know how it works and to know what to do when needed. In important moments we have to take a step forward and we all do it that way, that's why the team is winning".