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Sergio Ramos beats his record for goals scored in one season

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NEWS | 09/02/2019

"LaLiga is still there to be won, there are lots of points left to play for", said the captain, who has 11 and is level with Camacho on league games played (414).
Sergio Ramos scored a penalty in the derby against Atlético, netting his eleventh goal this season. This means the captain has beaten his previous record for goals scored in a season, which was 10, a record he set back in 2016/17. Ramos' goals this season have come in LaLiga (6), the Copa (3), Club World Cup (1) and the UEFA Super Cup (1). He has been sensational from the penalty spot, scoring all eight that he has taken. The other three goals were headers.
The game against Atlético also saw him hit a milestone in LaLiga. With 414 he is now level with Camacho in the competition, and has made the eighth highest number appearances for the madridistas in LaLiga. Ramos debuted on the 10th September 2005 at the Santiago Bernabéu against Celta. He is now in his fourteenth season with the club, having scored 59 goals and won the league four times.
His place in the record books
The ten madridistas to have played the most LaLiga games goes as follows: Raúl (550), Sanchís (523), Casillas (510), Santillana (461), Hierro (439), Gento (427), Pirri (417), Ramos and Camacho (414) and Míchel (404).

Ramos: "We reached our objectives" 
“Everyone has their opinions and that is respectable. We reached our objectives, that was to get a win and get into second position, we wanted to reduce the distance with the league leader. Generally we played an all round good game. Defensively we left very few gaps and did not give our rivals a chance. The result was quite fair”.

We played an all round good game and the result was quite fair.

“We knew what rivals we were coming up against, we know that their fans at the stadium really pressure you. The press high and create danger but it's a 90-minute game, you have to measure out the game, we played an intelligent well rounded game”.

“I take that responsibility on with pleasure. It was crucial in sending us into half-time in front. Let’s hope we keep getting lots more and I can continue this good run of putting them away”.

“The referee never explains what they’re telling him. VAR is there to help and make football fairer and although we don’t like the waiting around, they’re vital moments and it has to be sent for a second opinion. I’m absolutely in favour of it, it does stop the heat of the moment but I think it’s pretty fair”.

Fight for LaLiga
“LaLiga is still there to be won, there are lots of points left to play for. Any opposition side can make life difficult for you, some of the lesser-known teams have taken big points from grounds where you’d think it should be impossible and we’re going to keep fighting for all three competitions. LaLiga motivates us because it’s reward for balance, consistency and we have to make it tough for Barcelona despite their significant advantage”.