Real Madrid - Barcelona

Laso: "It's a play that decides the cup"

NEWS | 17/02/2019

The coach appeared with the director of the basketball section, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Lázaro, who said: "It is the second year that there is a refereeing mistake against Real Madrid".
Juan Carlos Sánchez-Lázaro, director of the basketball section at Real Madrid, and Pablo Laso spoke to the media after the final of the Copa del Rey. Regarding the controversial refereeing in the play that decided the match, the coach said: "It's not a block, it's a rebound. It is a play that decides the cup. The general direction of the ACB has said that it is basket. I had two players watching the play behind them and the two have celebrated the title".
Sánchez-Lázaro: "It's the second year that its happened"
"It’s not a foul, it was a legal block. It’s now the second year that its happened, the second year that there is refereeing mistake against Real Madrid. I just saw the images with the CEO, with the president and the director of refereeing. We have watched the instant-replay, which is there to improve the ability of the referees and to improve the service to the teams, and if the three have not seen this is a legal block, or have not watched the images from Movistar that I have on my mobile, something has happened that is wrong to allow that play".
Previous action
"There is no previous action. Here you can not decide. The decision is there for all to see. It's a legal block from Randolph. I don’t know what to call this again. Something similar happened last year, but hey, we kept quiet. But going through another similar situation, the second in the Copa del Rey, then we can’t  be silent, although we can win or lose the game, I don’t think we should shut up".

Sánchez-Lázaro: "The play, as you have all seen, is legal, we can’t keep quiet about it".

"The play, as you have all seen, is a legal move. You can think what you want...We think what we think but we can’t change it".
Right decisions
"It's at a crucial moment like last year, we have to have at least one certainty that we're making a right decision, maybe it's because of lack of means in the refereeing, maybe it's because the referees have not seen it clearly,  but we have to make correct decisions so as not to damage the match, Barcelona could have won it perfectly, but we have to make the right decisions".
Possible appeal
"There is no real possibility to appeal. Logically, in this situation, it won’t work for us at all, but we do want to take note of these actions. It cannot be that these actions are seen by two and three referees in the instant-replay, and if the images are not the same as those on Movistar I will have to be silent. We will have to improve the images in the instant-replay so that the referees can decide. But I think that decision was not correct".
Request a statement from the ACB
"I have asked the ACB to make an official statement saying that they have made a mistake in this play. I do not want to detract from Barcelona, ​​we also could have won. But what I do not want is that an error that has occurred in Gran Canaria last year in the Copa del Rey and another error that has occurred here, in Madrid, in front of our fans, happens again. It could happen to us and it could happen to other teams, but I think it's good and we have to say enough is enough ".
Using the correct shot in the instant-replay
"That is a doubt that I have. I have 10 or 12 videos on the mobile, many facilitated by social networks and others by Movistar itself. I know what happened with the play, what you can not see is what the referees have seen".