Reportaje de Navidad 2018

Florentino Pérez: “I hope 2019 is a great year for madridismo”

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NEWS | 31/12/2018

The president, Solari, Laso, Ramos, Marcelo, Reyes and Llull wish the best for madridismo in the new year. 
An historic 2018 comes to an end, a magical and unforgettable year for Real Madrid fans. A year full of successes that the millions of Whites’ fans around the world hope will continue in 2019. Florentino Perez, Santiago Solari, Pablo Laso, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Felipe Reyes and Sergio Llull raise a toast to wish the football and basketball teams keep winning titles and bringing joy to the fans.
Florentino Pérez: "We hope to continue to share our success with our fans"
"For the year 2019, the main thing I ask is for good health for everyone, and that there is work and that solidarity is fundamental in our lives. From Real Madrid we hope we can continue sharing success and joy with our members and fans. Our football and basketball teams have quality, talent and ambition to keep on winning. They know what this badge and this shirt represents".
"Real Madrid’s success has always been based on the unity of madridismo and our values, which mark our present and our destiny. Everything that has been achieved has been done through sacrifice, hard work, respect and humility. Real Madrid belongs to the hearts of millions of people around the world and all of us who are part of this club have the responsibility to try to fulfill the dreams of our fans. I hope that 2019 will be a great year for Real Madrid again".
"From Real Madrid we wish you happy holidays in the company of your families and your loved ones. It’s time to remember the successes that we have shared and that have made all Real Madrid fans happy. We wish to continue being successful and that the year 2019 brings us good health, work and happiness. Happy Holidays".
Solari: "I hope everyone has a great 2019"
"For the new year I ask for peace and happiness for everyone. I hope everyone has an amazing party and have a great 2019".
Ramos: "I hope that 2019 treats us with the same affection as in recent years"
"I hope that 2019 treats us with the same affection as in recent years. The challenges are there to be overcome and goals to be achieved. That is the DNA of our club and our history speaks for itself".

Ramos: "At the end of the season it would be wonderful to enjoy celebrating a title with our fans".

"Apart from what we put in from our side, which will be all the effort and sacrifice that is required, I hope that in the year 2019 we can celebrate the goals we have in mind and above all, at the end of the season be able to enjoy celebrating a title with our fans. That would be wonderful".
Marcelo: "I ask for good health"
"I ask for good health since without good health we don’t have anything. A lot of joy and a lot of good things so that everything goes well".
Laso: "The challenges are difficult but we’re going to fight for them"
"For 2019 I ask for good health. I always say that from there you can start doing things. We had the bad experience of a lot of injuries last year. Having good health will allow us to remain competitive, try to get the team to remain recognisable, that all Real Madrid fans feel proud of their basketball team, that we keep this streak of triumphs going. We know that the challenges are difficult and complicated, but be sure that we’re going to fight for them".
Reyes: "I hope that 2019 is at least as good as 2018"
"I hope 2019 brings good health for both the team and my family and lots of success on a professional level. I hope that 2019 is at least as good as 2018, but for that we must work very hard and get the support we have always had from our fans, who are always there, so that in each game we can come out on top".
Llull: "If we are all healthy, successes will come"
"I ask above all for good health and that there are no injuries, which is the most difficult thing for an athlete to overcome. And if we’re all healthy, surely the sporting success will come".