Barcelona - Real Madrid

Zidane: “We are happy with the result, but it isn't over yet”

NEWS | 13/08/2017 | Alberto Navarro (Barcelona) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

“I am truly proud of my players, they played well as ten and really wanted the win.”, stated the coach. 
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press about Real Madrid's Spanish Super Cup win over Barcelona: “We are happy with the result but it is not over until Wednesday. Tonight, we can bask in our glory but tomorrow we must focus on the return leg”.

“I am not going to get wrapped up in what the referee did because frankly we played a brilliant game. I'm annoyed that Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off, it might not have been a penalty, but still, giving him a card is ludicrous. Let's see if we can make arrangements for him to be available on Wednesday. I am truly proud of my players, they played well as ten and really wanted the win. Now we turn our attentions to the returned leg and we need to relax”.

“There is no A or B team. We all think the same, we're a unit. The greet thing about this team is they play for each other. Whoever plays, they play well. The players' focus really pleases me as a coach”.

“I'm annoyed that Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off, giving him a card is ludicrous”

"Asensio doesn’t surprise me. What he does is phenomenal. He’s fast and strikes the ball very well. We’re happy with him and with everyone. It’s not easy to come on like that for 15 minutes. He came on and was quickly in to the match and made the difference. Isco, Kovacic and everyone else had a great game. We must emphasise the team performance".

"He’s had a great game and done superbly. He has hurt his adductor and so he came off. I’m very happy with his performance because he always does what is asked of him".

"When he signed for Real Madrid I was close to the team and I saw him training and he needed time and to play regularly. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s making a difference, he makes the team play and it’s difficult to get the ball off of him. I'm glad for him because he's growing. We must continue like this. We’ve only just started".