Florentino Pérez entregó a Ramos una camiseta por sus 500 partidos

Ramos: "If I had to pick out one goal, it would have to be the one in La Décima"

INTERVIEW | 13/02/2017

"One of the keys to the team's success is the very good spirit that there is amongst us all", insisted the captain during his Facebook Live session.

Sergio Ramos received a tribute to mark his 500th competitive appearance for Real Madrid and at the end of the event, which took place in the board room at the Santiago Bernabéu and was attended by president Florentino Pérez, the captain took part in a Facebook Live session in which he answered questions sent in by supporters.

  1. When you were a child, did you ever think that you would make it this far?

    You never imagine that you'd get this far. Right from a young age, we clearly all have our dreams and targets and I always had it in my mind that I wanted to become a footballer. I fought and worked hard and I've achieved one of my dreams. I'm extremely proud and am very happy. I urge you to always fight for what you want and pursue your dreams. Through hard work and persistence you ulimtately end up achieving your targets.

  2. What qualities does a player need to achieve their aims throughout the course of a season?

    Having a fresh start each year always does you the world of good. It's about forgetting what you've achieved and, above all, focusing on continuing to improve, keep lifting silverware and continuing to grow, not just as a person, but as a player too. If on top of all of that you've got the honour of being at a club like ours, then that's all the better. However, above all, you've got to forget about what you've achieved and focus on the next set of challenges, dreams and targets.

  3. Of all of the goals that you've scored, which is your favourite?

    I've scored the odd good one at particular times and been on target in the odd final, but they're all special to me. Just like Ronaldo once said, goals are like your own children, you never know which one you'd pick. That said, the La Décima goal stands out above the rest, given how long we'd been waiting to win the Champions League, with it coming in the last minute and because it helped us to go on and become champions.

  4. Why don't you change your shirt number to 93?

    Believe me when I say that the thought has crossed my mind, but at the same time, the number four is one that I've always liked and that I've worn throughout all of my time at Real Madrid. It has nearly always brought me good luck, but don't rule out seeing me change my number in my final season, as a tribute to what is such a great minute for us.

  5. Why do you never surrender and always give your all for Real Madrid?

    It's part of the club's DNA and is at the heart of the club's philosophy and our history. As players, we must all have an understanding of what our badge represents. Above all else, a player who plays for our club needs to know that you've always got to represent and give you all for the club and give every last ounce until the end, which is what our motto says.

  6. You've managed to prove that you don't need to be a striker to be one of the game's stars.

    Every player has their strengths, the attacking players are nearly always the ones who grab the headlines, but there are also defenders who play starring roles, not just on account of the goals they score, but because teamwork is about the collective effort and we all win and lose together. Just because a particular player scores a goal doesn't make them more important than the rest of the team. You've got to build firm foundations and the defence has to give the team balance, stability and provide the attacking players with confidence.

  7. What does it feel like when you win a title and you see millions gathered at Cibeles?

    It gives you a feeling of massive excitement. Whenever we've won a trophy, we've always been able to enjoy it with the Real Madrid fans by going down to Cibeles and parading around the streets, which are packed with fans wearing our scarves and that's something that fills you with great pride. It's a means for us to share our triumph with you. I'm grateful for all of the support that you give us over the course of the season and that's the best way of repaying you.

  8. Do you intend on becoming a coach at some point in the future?

    I don't know on that one. I've still got a few years left in me here as a player. I want to really enjoy every minute and every day. I don't know whether I'll go on and become a coach, but it's something that has always appealed to me, that I like the idea of and that drives me on, but there'll be plenty of time to think about that once I've hung my boots up.

  9. What would you like to do when your call time on your career?

    Perhaps spend more time with my family. They've always been my passion and a flaw in my armour and football ultimately takes up a lot of my time. I don't afford my wife, children, parents and friends the time that I would like to… When I retire, I'll devote more time to those who are always there for me and who understand my lifestyle and what it takes to perform at this level.

  10. What are your hobbies?

    Music, horses, football and above all, my family.