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Entrevista Danilo

Danilo: "I want to become part of Real Madrid's history, game by game"

INTERVIEW | 10/07/2015

“I have worked to improve and play at Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here".

After become a new player for the Whites, Danilo gave his first interview to and Realmadrid TV: “My dream was to play for this team. When I was talking to the president during my presentation, I lot of things went through my head. I worked to improve and play for Real Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here today".

  1. How did you feel at your presentation as a Real Madrid player?

    Very happy and excited to be fulfilling one of my greatest dreams, which was to play at the best club in the world.

  2. This was your dream and sometimes dreams come true...

    I always saw Brazilian players winning and shining at Real Madrid. My dream was to play for this team. When I spoke to the president there were a lot of things going through my head and I am very excited.

  3. How did you feel when Real Madrid expressed an interest in you?

    It was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt immensely happy, far from pressure and responsibility. I worked to improve and play for Real Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here today.

  4. How would you define yourself as a footballer?

    I am hard working and I am always at the disposal of the manager and the club.

  5. What will Danilo contribute to Real Madrid?

    During the time that I am here I will try to show my qualities. I am a right back with a unique style and someone who works to improve their attributes. I am always ready to help Real Madrid whenever necessary.

  6. What are your targets as you arrive at Real Madrid?

    Real Madrid has always been a winning club and has fought for a lot of titles. Now I have that target and I want to be a part of Real Madrid's history, day by day, session by session, and game by game.

  7. What do you think about your new team mates?

    Playing with the best players is easier. I want to begin working with them and learn a lot in order to achieve titles with Real Madrid.

  8. You spoke to Benítez. What impression did he leave on you?

    His career speaks for itself. He has coached great clubs and done a great job at all of them.

  9. I imagine that you arrive with real enthusiasm about getting the work started.

    Of course, I have not been playing for 30 days, just focussing on my ankle recovery, so I want to get back to work and playing football again.

  10. What message would you give to the fans?

    I am very excited and proud to be here. This club is not as big as it looks from outside, it is much bigger.