Real Madrid - Almería

Arbeloa: "The team put in a huge effort and got the game won"

NEWS | 29/04/2015

"James scored a great goal and we have to enjoy it", explained Keylor Navas.
Arbeloa scored the final goal in the victory over Almería and offered his analysis of the win over the Andalusians: "The match in Vigo demanded a lot from us, we put in a huge effort and maybe we felt it today. And guys came in who aren't in the playing rhythm of others and that is also difficult. Almería came to play football and they felt at ease, but the team put in a huge effort and got the game won".

"I don't score a lot of goals and it's always nice to do so, all the more so at the Bernabéu. I'm happy about the goal, about the victory and because we got the win in a game that was trickier than expected. Now we have to go to Seville and carry on fighting for La Liga".

Race for the title
"The day we lost in Barcelona, we knew that we had to win the 10 games that we had left. If they do that too, we'll congratulate them. But we have to put as much pressure on as possible and win all the games we have left, so that they have to fight and are made to sweat right to the end".

James' goal
"It's a great goal, like many that he has scored. I'm happy, because he's showing that he's a great player and is worth all the money that he cost".

Cristiano Ronaldo
"I'm not upset about Cristiano's gesture. It's normal that he should be angry, he didn't score and his ambition is always to score. The Pichichi trophy is at stake for him and we all understand that and try to help him".

It's always nice to score, all the more so at the Bernabéu.

"We're not tired coming into the run-in. We have fuel in the tank, so we come into it in great shape, with all the strength in the world. In the Champions League our fate is in our own hands, and in La Liga it isn't: our aim is to win the seven games that we have left if we get to the final in Berlin".

"I don't think the crowd focus on him. Here the crowd are very demanding when you have a bad day at the office or play a bad pass. In Vigo he put in a huge effort, he was the one who ran the most, and also he played today with flu or a headache, so we have to thank him for that huge effort".

"The crowd are demanding and they know the quality he possesses, which he showed last season. This year is a transitional one after his injury. I'm sure that he'll give us a lot from now to the end of the season".

Keylor Navas: “At home we had to do well and win”
"In Primera División there are no easy games. Almería have to win because of the position that they're in in the table, and we had to do well and we wanted to win. We managed it, we kept a clean sheet and we're happy".

First goal of the match
"James is a player with a lot of quality and in those positions he finishes really well. It's a great goal, it makes us all happy and we have to enjoy it. It's a goal similar to the one that he got at the World Cup, and another that he scored in Granada".

Season run-in
"We're going to carry on with the same mentality that we've had. The group have always been united and strong and we're going to carry on that way during the run-in to the season, which we all want to round off on a high".

Hard work in training
"It's always nice to play, and that's what we all work for. We're going to keep up the hard work that we're putting in in every training session, to take advantage of our opportunities and give our all for Real Madrid".