Real Madrid - Granada

Ancelotti: “The team are back to playing as desired”

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NEWS | 05/04/2015 | Javier García

“Cristiano Ronaldo scoring five goals is good for him, for the team and for everyone”, he added. 
Carlo Ancelotti showed his delight after the great game against Granada. The coach assessed the Whites' performance in the press room: “Everything went to plan. My team are in good physical shape, the players are fresh and we showed that throughout the match. We played with a good tempo and scored bags of goals. We come away from this happy but this is just one game and we have other important ones coming up. On Wednesday we need to be fully focused like we were today”.

“It's simple mathematics. It's better to win 9 games 1-0 than one 9-1. But today we have to point out the good play, the team are back to playing as desired, just like they have played many times before. What mattered most was winning and playing well and we have achieved that".

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He has improved just as the team have. So, what can I say... This is the first time he has scored 5 goals in a game and that is good news for everyone: for him, for the team and in terms of the upcoming fixtures”.

How the game played out
“We wanted to play the full 90 minutes as if the contest wasn't over. We killed off the game in the first half but continued in the same vain in the second half. The players did well, and showed respect to the opposition by playing the same way right until the last minute”.

We wanted to play the full 90 minutes as if the contest wasn't over.

“We are closer to accomplishing our objectives and the players understand the importance of winning, of being a team and of contributing towards being the best through individual quality”.

“The team are very fresh. Resting players for the sake of resting them makes no sense. The players will rest when they are tired and there is a risk of injury. The team are in great shape. We have never been in such good physical shape, especially not last year. I can't use 12 players. If someone isn't 100%, he won't play”.

“It's clear that when the fans are behind us like they were today it is going to help. It depends on what the players do on the pitch. Today they showed good attitude and the crowd appreciated that”.

“He played very well. It didn't look as though he hadn't played for two months. He showed his quality, intensity and his ability to keep possession. He is a very direct player and always shows great vision and awareness”.

“He is a decisive player in terms of moving the ball quickly. Luka has a great knack of changing the direction of the play by spreading the ball to the wings. Today we utilised the wings well, especially the left flank”.