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Florentino Pérez: "It's important to round off the year with the Club World Cup trophy”

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NEWS | 18/12/2014

"We've come with great enthusiasm, aware of what football represents in Morocco", he added as he spoke to 'El Larguero'.
Florentino Pérez offered an interview to the programme El Larguero on Cadena Ser, in which he analysed Real Madrid's Club World Cup final clash against San Lorenzo in Marrakech on Saturday: "Rounding off this year, which has been a good one, with a trophy like the Club World Cup is important for us and for what we want to send out."

“In Morocco in general and in Marrakech in particular, there is great love for football. And even if it's rude to say so, there is great love for Real Madrid. It's like we're at home. The players are their idols, seeing them up close is a dream that they have been able to realise and it's a spectacular atmosphere. We've come with great enthusiasm, aware of what football represents in Morocco."

Sergio Ramos
“He wants to retire at Real Madrid and Real Madrid want him to retire here. He joined at 18, he's phenomenal, the best central defender in the world in my view. Everybody's happy."

“I've always wanted to hire Ancelotti. He has a wealth of experience, first as a player and then as a coach. He has coached teams as important as Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and PSG."

The family atmosphere that Ancelotti generates is a very important asset.

"One day I went with my friend Galliani, president of Milan, to a match there and we went down to the dressing rooms and all the players greeted me, beginning with the coach, who was Ancelotti."

Winning run
“We don't get complacent. We have a lot of experience and we know that every game is very important for the team playing against us, that they're really motivated to beat Real Madrid. We have won a lot of games in a row, 21, and everyone wants to be the first to end Real Madrid's run. We're focused when we go out to play, but it's so many games and in some we play a little bit better and in others a little bit worse."

“The fans are delighted. We have a good team, a good atmosphere, a coach who treats the players as if they were a family. All of that leaves its mark, and we're experiencing a special, good period and all I ask is that it lasts for a long time."

“On the issue of violent groups, my stance is zero tolerance. I give my support to the president of La Liga, to the president of the National Sports Council of Spain and to everyone who is working to ensure that in Spain it comes to an end."

“We've been working for a long time. I can assure you that there are no violent individuals at the Bernabéu. The members and supporters of Real Madrid can feel calm when they go to the Bernabéu; they have felt calm and they can feel calm." 

"I have to express my thanks for the collaboration of the police, who have been fantastic. It has been a year and I don't see any unusual flags anymore. It's a movement that cheers the team on, that is three times as big as the one that was on the other side and that helps to create that good atmosphere. We're delighted and united too, because this is an issue on which we all have to stick together."