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What life is like in the Ciudad Real Madrid

The first team and youth academy players' residency is now a reality.

At the heart of the Ciudad Real Madrid, at the foot of the complex, stands an 8,000 square metre modern and exclusive residence for the football and basketball first teams. One mission that has been accomplished is that of raising the competitive level amongst the teams, once again leading the path in sporting innovation. 

The choice of location was clearly thought out: the first team area, sat in front of the training pitches and right next to the first team building, is located in the most natural place imaginable for it. Now the left-side of the building is dedicated to training, while the right is used as a relaxation zone. The gym, dressing rooms, the technical staffs' offices and some other rooms can be found in the left wing of the building. On the right is the recently opened residence, designed for rest, recovery and co-inhabiting with other athletes.

A personal space for the young talents

The youth academy players will also have their own exclusive area in the Ciudad Real Madrid. After months of work to achieve a dream that the club has always had, the Whites' youth academy players now live beside the training ground and will receive special treatment to ensure that they develop in the best way possible.

Florentino Pérez: The best players in the best facilities.

“The Ciudad Real Madrid is an example of the innovation that represents the continuation of the strategic model originally set out by Santiago Bernabéu. Real Madrid has got to where it is with an indisputable formula, the best players in the best facilities”.

“We are in one of the most advanced elite sporting residences in the world, and we are sure that this residence will contribute notably to the improvement in the level of performances and will be key to our future successes. This is the first time that the first team has had its own residence. But it also the first time in our history that our young players have their own place to develop. Our football and basketball academies allow us to face the future with the assurance that our core values are built on the successes that have yet to come”.