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Ancelotti: “The fans are going to show us their support to help us prepare for the final”

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NEWS | 16/05/2014 | alberto navarro

“We want to play well in the last home game of the season and with a lot of intensity”, declared the Real Madrid manager in the pressroom.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke with the press ahead of the La Liga fixture with Espanyol. The Italian coach, who confirmed that “Cristiano Ronaldo will play because he is available and doesn't have any problems”, spoke about the last game of the season: “There should be a great atmosphere in order to help the team prepare for the final. We will play with lots of intensity because it is our last match in front of our fans. I expect a very good atmosphere. The fans are going to show their support and love in order to get the team ready for the final. We want to show that we are going to play well and with lots of intensity in the last game of the season”.

“I will announce the team tomorrow. Pepe, Jesé and Diego López are the only players unavailable. We are going to give Khedira a run out because he needs it after being out for a while. He played well in Vigo for an hour and didn't have any problems afterwards. He could be an option for the Champions League final”.

The title-deciding La Liga match
“It will be a tough and interesting match. The best thing would be that the team that wins La Liga is the one that deserves to win the match, but we are only concerned with our own games. It is important that we continue with what we have been doing this week, with a good atmosphere during the training sessions and with an air of excitement surrounding us. That is all we are worried about: preparing the training sessions well and then I'll announce the lineup the day before the match”. 


 “We have to approach the week leading up to the final in as normal a way as possible. We have to remain calm enough to prepare ourselves for it well. Almost all the players have recovered from their injuries in time and that is important. We are not going to do anything out of the ordinary”.

The video and team talk before the final of the European Cup
“It would take a long time to prepare a video of everything we've achieved to date in the Champions League and we have to make a video that captures the players' attention”.

Illarra's work
“He's our first choice for the final. We signed him to play there and he's used to playing in that position. I haven't changed my mind. He's a player who has the quality needed to play in every match, whether it's important or not. He didn't play at first, but we were happy with his work and next year he's going to be better. He has enough quality to play a final”.

The absence of Diego López
“He has a niggle which is why we let him rest for a few days. It's wear and tear and we've let him take a break. He has only missed two training sessions all year and he has never had any problems before”.

Praise for Zidane
“He's learning his trade as a coach and he has charisma and the quality to do it. He knows how to motivate the players and he's ready to train any team, but it's a decision for him to make. I hope he stays here so we can continue to work together”.

Marks for his first season
“I don't like giving myself marks. I have a personal opinion on my work and I'll give it after the game in Lisbon. The marks have to come, above all and in this order, from the club, the players and then the media”.