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The season-ticket card gives the holder the right to occupy an assigned seat in the Santiago Bernabéu to watch games. There are two kinds of season-ticket card:

1. Traditional season-ticket. . This corresponds with the 19 official Liga de Fútbol Profesional home games. It is denoted with a capital A in the lower right corner.

Tarjeta de Abono Tradicional

2. Euroabono. This includes access to all official Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League matches (except for the Champions League and Copa del Rey finals). This type of season ticket can only be applied for in the case that the seat number it is not affected by UEFA. It is denoted with a capital E in the lower right corner.

Tarjeta de EuroAbono

Season-ticket holders will have priority when buying tickets for Champions League and Copa del Rey games. For that there will be a period during which only season-ticket holders will be able to buy tickets. Once that time period elapses, the tickets that have not been bought will become available to non-season-ticket holding members, Real Madrid fans and the general public.

Access to other games in the Santiago Bernabéu, that were not mentioned previously, will not be possible with either category of season-ticket card. In the case of these games, traditional season-ticket holders and Euroabono season-ticket holders will have to buy their tickets as club members or as members of the general public, in the case that club members are not given priority.