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A seat transfer occurs in the case that a season-ticket holder cannot attend a game included on their season-ticket card. In these circumstances the cardholder can make their season tickets available to the club so that another member or a member of the general public can buy the ticket. This service entitles the Real Madrid season-ticket holder to big discounts, and also allows thousands of non-season-ticket holding members and members of the general public to buy tickets to watch games in the Santiago Bernabéu.

The decision to allow the transfer of season tickets was taken during a General Assembly meeting on the 13th of September 1998, with the idea of allowing season tickets to be transferred to the club free of charge being approved on the basis of maximising the use of season-ticket seats.

The Season Ticket Transfer Service is open 24 hours a day and can be accessed via telephone or internet:

1. Season Ticket Transfer Service
2. Hotline for Transferring Season Tickets - 902 24 48 24

To transfer your season ticket it is necessary to introduce your current membership number and PIN code. Once you have been identified, follow the instructions.

You can transfer your season ticket up to 15 minutes before the start of the game and, similarly, can recover your season ticket up to one hour before the match, as long as it has not been sold. The Season Ticket Transfer Service also allows you to check the status of transferred season tickets and your accumulated balance for transferring your ticket over the course of the season.

If the ticket is sold, the season-ticket holder will receive a discount to the value of 35% of the sale price of the ticket. Tickets can be sold to club members or members of the public, so the sale price and discount are dependent on who buys them.

The season-ticket holder can consult the Season Ticket Transfer Service about the discount they have received when the match has finished.

Holders of traditional season tickets can only make their seats available for Spanish League games. As well as that, Euroabono holders can transfer their season tickets for Spanish League games and the Champions League from the quarter-finals on, and once authorised by the club, depending on the demand for tickets, they can also transfer them for the group stages of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey.

If the ticket is not sold, then just for transferring, all season-ticket holders will receive a discount to the value of 15% of the ticket price for a member of the general public. In the case that the transfer occurs in less than 48 hours before the start of the game, the discount will only be applied if the ticket is sold. As such, the sooner the ticket is transferred the more likely it is that the discount will be applied.

The accumulation of discounts for transferring your season ticket could recoup the total price of the traditional season ticket (not the Euroabono). Once the accumulation of discounts reach 100% of the original sale price of the traditional season ticket, the holder can continue to use the service but will cease to receive an economic return.

The accumulated amount is then discounted from the fee for the traditional season ticket the following season. Should the member voluntarily apply for a temporary cancellation, foregoes renewal or transfers the season ticket to a third party, the discount for transferring the previous season will not be applied.

If you use the Season Ticket Transfer Service telephone hotline, we kindly recommend that you enter your club membership number and PIN code using the keypad instead of the verbal option in order to avoid any confusion. As a security measure and to enhance the service, these telephone conversations will be recorded.