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Membership Discipline Commission

The Social Discipline Commission is a special body of the club that, since its establishment in 1953, continues to protect the interest of our members and monitor compliance with their obligations as Real Madrid members and season-ticket holders. Ultimately, they are responsible for investigating and sanctioning, where necessary, any alleged infraction that is reported to the Social Discipline Commission or those which it becomes aware of. 

The commission, founded by Mr Santiago Bernabéu, who was its first president, operates independently from the club, its membership is formed by club members proposed by the Board in General Assembly and is ratified every 4 years. 

The Commission will be regulated by the Real Madrid Social Statutes and Regulations passed by the Board of Directors.

The Commission is formed by a total of five members with an uninterrupted length of membership of at least five years, currently: 

Mr José Luis Ramos Moreno - President 
Board member Mr Gerardo de Lucas Jiménez  
Board member Mr Antonio Mate Chicharro  
Board member Mr Antonio Bobis Serra
Mr. Severiano Jesús Sánchez Salas - Secretary

Article 57 of the in-force Articles of Association..