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    Liga EndesaMatchday 33
    Live the match inWiZink Center
    Real MadridReal Madrid
    Valencia Basket Valencia Basket
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    Liga Endesa, Matchday 33
      WiZink Center

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    Classic MatchCorazón Classic Match 2019
    Live the match inSantiago Bernabéu
    Real Madrid LegendsReal Madrid Legends
    Chelsea LegendsChelsea Legends
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    Classic Match, Corazón Classic Match 2019
      Santiago Bernabéu

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    The Electoral Board is a special body of the club that is responsible for establishing the regulations that govern any electoral process that is carried out at Real Madrid C.F., as well as monitoring compliance throughout each process. They are also responsible for offering members information corresponding to each election process by means of the media at the disposition of the club. 


    This special body functions independently from the club and its members are proposed by the Board in General Assembly and ratified every 4 years. 


    The operation of this Commission shall be regulated by Real Madrid's Articles of Association. In addition, for each electoral process, the Electoral Board is responsible for elaborating the official document that contains the regulations applying to said process. 


    The Electoral Board is composed of a total of five club members, currently: 


    Mr José María Paz Casañé - President 

    Mr Luis Alejandro Huerta Calvo – Board member 

    Mr Guillermo Marcos Guerrero - Board member 

    Mr Lorenzo Álvarez Martín - Board member 

    Mr Juan Raúl Castellanos - Secretary

    Article 56 of the in-force Articles of Association.