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Members of Real Madrid are people who are integrated into the Real Madrid institution with the rights and obligations contained in statutes.
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All members, from the moment they are approved, receive their membership card with their name and surname, photograph and number. This number is assigned by order of admission to the institution, meaning that the longest serving member of the club is member number 1, and the latest member will have the highest number at the time of their joining.

The membership card, with corresponding number, is an official, personal and non-transferable document, that validates membership, and for this reason it cannot be transferred from member to member, nor to third parties.

From time to time, the club updates the membership numbers, taking out those who have chosen not to renew their membership since the last update and the next. The last renumbering was made in March 2021, and the club will send all members a new card with a new membership number. This periodic updates represent not just a change in the design of the card, but also an adjusting of the numbers in function with the length each member’s association with the club.