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Season ticket transfer consists of permanently transferring a member's season ticket along with the same conditions to another non-season-ticket holding member. Each member can only be the exclusive holder of one season ticket, therefore in order to carry out this process it is essential that the member receiving the season ticket does not already hold a season ticket. The transfer of season tickets shall be allowed when the following requirements between the transferring member and the transferee are met:

1. Death of the transferring member. A copy of the death certificate shall be required in order to verify the death of the season-ticket holding member.
2. The transferring member must be related to the transferee within the second degree of consanguinity and the first of affinity. Authorised relatives are parents, children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, spouses, parents-in-law and children-in-law, be it through a civil relation or a blood relation. In order to verify this, it shall be necessary to present the corresponding family register or any documentation that sufficiently proves the relation between the applicant and the family member who has passed away.

In order to carry out the transfer of the season ticket of a family member who has passed away, the interested party should formally request such in writing at the members service office by completing the official form and submitting the documentation established by the club (photocopy of the death certificate and the family register) as long as they are not already a season-ticket holder.


It is essential that payments are up-to-date on the season ticket to be transferred. The applicant shall assume any pending payments that the family member who has passed away, whose season ticket they are applying to obtain, may have for their membership fees or their season ticket.

In the event that the applicant is not a member of the entity, they should submit their membership application in accordance with the system and the regulations approved by the club. Applications from persons who do not acquire membership of the club shall not be accepted.

Only one application shall be permitted per season ticket, therefore once it has been processed, a period of 30 calendar days shall begin during which time any other family member who wishes to apply for the same season ticket may do so. For the purposes of due disclosure, all duly completed applications shall be added to the notice board in the Club's Members Department.

In the event that within the maximum period of time established more than one application per season ticket is submitted, all the applicants shall be granted a period of time of 15 calendar days in order for them to declare, in common agreement, which family member should acquire the season ticket. The applicants shall be disregarded if all of them do not expressly demonstrate their conformity within the given period of time.

Any applications that do not conform with any of the requirements demanded in these regulations and the official documents established by the club shall be disregarded.

The same type of season ticket shall be transferred; traditional season ticket or euroabono season ticket.

Any profit from the transfer of matches shall always be discounted upon the renewal of the season ticket next year, therefore the discount for transfers during the current season shall not apply upon the request for the season ticket.