Season ticket exchange consists of permanently swapping the season-ticket seats of two season-ticket holding members, each member occupying the other's seat from that moment on. Season ticket exchange can be requested by the following means:

1. By both members appearing at the members service office and identifying themselves with their original DNIs, their membership card and their season-ticket cards. If the process is requested by one of the two members or a third party on behalf of both, written authorisation, signed by the absent member or by both, allowing them to carry out the season ticket exchange and a copy of both sides of the members' DNIs and both season-ticket cards must be submitted.

2. By sending a fax to the members service office (91 398 43 41) or an email to oas@corp.realmadrid.com with the subject “Intercambio de abono”, their full names, membership numbers and DNI numbers. A photocopy or scan of both sides of the DNIs and membership cards of the members requesting the process must be attached.


Each member can only be the exclusive holder of one season ticket.
Once the exchange process is complete, each member shall lose any rights to the season ticket seat they previously had.

It shall be essential that the season ticket payments are up-to-date in order to carry out the exchange.

The member shall maintain the same type of season ticket in their new seat; traditional season ticket or euroabono season ticket.

The profit made from the transfer of matches shall be discounted from the season-ticket renewal in the following season (2014/2015). If the season-ticket exchange is requested before the renewal, the discount from the transfers from the previous season shall not apply.

Download (PDF): Season-Ticket Exchange