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At the Representative Members General Meeting of the 29th of July 1979 a fee reduction of 50 % for retired members over 65 years of age who have been associated with the club for an uninterrupted 25 years, was agreed.

Subsequently, at the Delegated Members General Meeting of the 4th of September 1983, this benefit was extended to members who have retired due to illness or total disability. Therefore, the reduced fee includes a 50% discount of the member's fee. The following members have the right to request this reduction:

1.- All members above 65 years of age, who are pensioners and have more than 25 uninterrupted years of membership at the club.
2.- All members who, under 65 years of age, are able to verify their early retirement due to illness or permanent disability, as long as they have been at the club for
more than 25 uninterrupted years.

If the above-mentioned requirements are met, the discount can be requested by the following means:

1.- Appearance in person by the member at the members service office, with their DNI, membership card and Social Security card or, where this is not possible, another document verifying their capacity as a pensioner.
2.- By sending a fax to the members service office (91 398 43 41) or an email to with the subject “Cuota Reducida”, full name, membership number and DNI number. A photocopy or scan of the DNI, both sides of the membership card and the Social Security card of the member requesting the process must be attached.

This discount is not applied automatically, therefore it must be requested. Once it has been requested, the club will return the proportional part of the membership fee from the time of the request and until the end of the current season. In successive seasons they shall only be charged half of the membership fee.

Any process can be requested in person by the member at the members service office with their original DNI and membership card. If a third person requests the process, they must present written authorisation signed by the member allowing them to carry out said process and a copy of both sides of the member's DNI.