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All members have the right to correct their personal details on the Real Madrid database. 

The following details can be modified: postal address, number, stairway, floor, post code, city, province, mobile phone, landline, office phone, email, profession and company. 

You can provide us with the new details by the following means: 

1. At the Online Members Service Office.

2. By sending a fax to the members service office (91 398 43 41) or an email to with the subject “Actualización de datos personales”, your full name, membership number and DNI number. You must attach a photocopy or scan of the DNI and both sides of the membership card of the member making the changes. 

Any process can be requested in person by the member at the members service office with their original DNI and membership card. If a third person requests the process, they must present written authorisation signed by the member allowing them to carry out said process and a copy of both sides of the member's DNI. 

In the case of minors, any process must be requested by the father, mother or legal guardian, with sufficient evidence of their status.

Download (PDF): Change of address and personal details fax