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    Champions LeagueRound of 16 (first leg)
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    Real MadridReal Madrid
    Manchester CityManchester City
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    Champions League, Round of 16 (first leg)
      Santiago Bernabéu



    Champions League21:00Real MadridvsManchester City

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    EuroleagueMatchday 26
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    Real MadridReal Madrid
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    Euroleague, Matchday 26
      WiZink Center



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The membership card is an official document that verifies membership status. The season-ticket card is a document that expresses a member's right to occupy a seat that is specified on it for the period, length of time and means agreed upon its issue. Members who do not have their membership and/or season-ticket card due to loss or theft may request a duplicate by the following means:

1. Attending the Members Service Office in person and identifying themselves with their original DNI. If they are requesting the duplicate for a third party, they must present written authorisation signed by the member allowing them to carry out the duplicate and a copy of both sides of the member's DNI.

2. Sending a fax to the Members Service Office (91 398 43 41) or an email to oas@corp.realmadrid.com with the subject “Duplicado carné de socio y/o abono”, their full name, membership and DNI numbers. You must attach a photocopy or scan of the DNI and both sides of the membership card of the member making the changes.

If the member lives in Madrid, the duplicate must be requested in person at the Members Service Office.

Any process may be requested in person by the member at the Members Service Office, identifying themselves with their original DNI and membership card. If a third person requests the process, they must present written authorisation signed by the member allowing them to carry out said process and a copy of both sides of the member's DNI.

In the case of minors, any process must be requested by the father, mother or legal guardian, with sufficient evidence of their status.


Duplicates of misplaced membership cards and season-ticket cards shall cost €7 for the first and €20 for subsequent duplicates requested in the same season.

The issue of a new membership card or season-ticket card automatically invalidates the previous one, such that there may not be two valid access cards.

Any member who reports a theft, in which their membership card and/or season ticket card are stolen, shall be exempt from playing the fee for the duplicate.

Any member who presents his or her damaged membership card or season-ticket card at the members service office, shall be exempt from paying the fee for the duplicate.

It is the member's obligation to keep their membership card and/or season-ticket card in good condition.

The membership card is an official, personal and non-transferable document that verifies the member's status, therefore third person use of it is not permitted.

Any kind of sale or auction of membership cards or season-ticket cards is strictly prohibited. The membership card and the season-ticket card may be confiscated by the club's personnel. The season-ticket holding member shall be responsible for its proper usage at all times, and shall be sanctioned in the event of fraudulent use, which may result in loss of membership.

Season-ticket holding members who forget or misplace their season-ticket on a match day may request season-ticket entry at the 'members incident ticket office' (Gate 42, next to Tower A). Access shall not be granted to family members or third parties who attend without authorisation from the season-ticket holder, a document signed by them and a photocopy of both sides of the season-ticket holder's DNI. This service does not constitute a right, therefore repeated attendance shall be communicated to the Social Discipline Commission in order to take the appropriate measures, which may lead to the prohibition of the issue of any stadium access document at said ticket office to those members.

See Articles 17 and 19 of the in-force Articles of Association