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All members can check and modify their bank address by the following means: 

If the member is the account holder: 

  1. Through the Online Members Service Office
  2. In person at the members service office, with their DNI and account number. 
  3. Sending a fax to the members service office (91 398 43 41) or an email to with the subject “Actualización de cuenta bancaria”, their complete name, membership number and DNI number. They must attach a photocopy or scan of the DNI and both sides of the membership card of the member making the changes. 

If the member is not the account holder: 

You can request a change of direct debit through these procedures:

  1. Through the Online Member Service Office.
  2. In person at the Member Services Office, providing the account number, a written authorisation signed by the account holder, a copy of the ID card of the Memeber and of the account holder on both sides.
  3. Sending a fax to the Member Service Office (91 398 43 41) or an email to indicating in the subject of the letter "Bank account update", the full name of the Member, Member number, full name of the account holder. In addition, a photocopied or scanned copy of the ID card of the account holder and the ID card of the Member requesting the procedure must be provided on both sides

If you wish to consult the bank account where you have direct debit payments you can do so by registering with your Member number and PIN code at the Online Member Service Office, registering beforehand with your Member number and PIN code.


Real Madrid takes two payments each season, one for the “membership fee” and another for the “season-ticket fee”, where applicable. 

The annual charge for the 2019/2020 season will be made on 30 June 2019. From 21 June and during the period of renewal of the annual fees, no changes can be made to the bank details of the Members.