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The inauguration of a Madridista fan club abroad reflects the incessant growth of a Real Madrid community always willing to support its team when necessary. Furthermore, if we're talking about the creation of a fan club in a country like Portugal, which had no prior record of one despite its proximity to Spain, there was even more reason to celebrate. A premiere that took place when the relationship between Real Madrid and Portugal was especially sweet: the Club had acquired Portugal's greatest player at the time several years earlier -Luis Figo-, and Queiroz and Peseiro, head coach and assistant coach respectively, landed at the Santiago Bernabéu at the start of that same season. As President of this young Fanclub, Antonio Viñal stated, “Madrid-Lisbon at the speed of the AVE fast train even though it will be years before it gets here.”
The Estoril-Tamariz Fan Club received its charter on 9 December 2003, the same day Real Madrid and Porto met in the Champions League. More than 100 people, members and friends alike, were on hand. Also present, a representative from the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon, one from the Casa de España, and Ramón Font, correspondent of Spain's TVE. The ceremony took place in a restaurant owned by the son of the former manager of all the bars that used to line the inside of the Bernabéu, thus connecting the ‘intrahistory’ of the Club.

This fan club comprised of Spanish professionals and business people, their children, Portuguese and other foreign nationals (English, Argentine, Japanese, etc.) was created out of necessity, no other organization in Portugal representing the interests of Real Madrid.

An important figure in the fan club's creation was Eusebio, “the greatest footballer in Portugal's history,” in Antonio Viñal's words. With the aim of continuing to strengthen the bond between Real Madrid and Portuguese football, he was named Honorary Member of the Estoril-Tamariz Fan Club. After presenting him with an official Club watch, Eusebio took the floor and delivered a speech focused on his admiration for Real Madrid. “Among the topics he discussed were the political circumstances of the time that prevented him from realizing his dream of playing for our team and his efforts to keep Di Stefano's shirt intact after the 1961 European Cup final as throngs of fans were tugging at his uniform,” continued an excited President.