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A big challenge to continue leading from the front

The home of the Real Madrid fans will bring improved comfort and convenience for fans, whilst offering a unique experience.


Since 2000, we have invested €256 million euros to continually update our stadium and ensure that it has offered the madridistas the best possible home at all times. After all, it is our home. Our non-conformist approach means that we have the duty to continue on in this vein so as to allow the Real Madrid family to be able to enjoy the greatest stadium in the world.
The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu has been, is and will continue to be one of the driving forces behind Real Madrid. Subject to constant redevelopment work that has allowed the club to grow right throughout its history, now is the time to tackle a key challenge that will enable us to continue to lead from the front in the world of football in the 21st century. This redevelopment  work will allow us to increase our direct revenue and optimise our business model.
A unique fan experience
The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu has to adapt to the new demands with regard to security and comfort and to the changes in terms of what is required of a sporting event as a form of entertainment. The club members and fans will enjoy a unique experience each time they visit the stadium. The main objective is to align the very highest standards in quality that combine accessibility and seat comfort with the catering and meeting areas to make the experience of the fan and club member who visits the stadium more attractive.
New revenue sources
One of the main aims of the redevelopment is to secure new revenue streams and allow the club to continue leading from the front within the sports industry. To this end, we will create a new sales model that will involve the use of the Santiago Bernabéu’s versatile, multifunctional spaces 365 days a year and enable us to enjoy the various areas within the stadium on non-matchdays, whilst they will be used in an efficient way to enhance an improved matchday offering.
Digitial revolution
We are firmly committed to a digital Santiago Bernabéu in a transformation that turns the stadium into a technological platform through which to link up with club members and madridistas from all over the world at all times. The platform allows fans to connect with their environment and enjoy all of the benefits offered by interactive platforms.
eSports will also be a feature and an impressive 360-degree video scoreboard will be installed within the stadium.
The new Santiago Bernabéu will be a digital stadium in which technological advances and the application of audiovisual media will be present in many areas of the arena. For example, fans will be able to use their phones and tablets from their seats, whilst club-produced content will enhance the live matchday experience by providing what is referred to as a “second screen”, with access to a unique audiovisual and interactive experience.
A project that's committed to the environment
The Santiago Bernabéu redevelopment project reflects our commitment to the environment. The renovation of all areas of the stadium will be carried out in line with energy efficiency criteria.
All of the materials used to make the roof display a commitment to environmental sustainability, both in terms of the reduction in sound and light pollution on the stadium’s exterior, as well as the translucent material that will be used to achieve greater interior brightness and allow for a reduction in artificial energy consumption.
An asset for the city of Madrid
The redevelopment of the Santiago Bernabéu is positive not only for the club but for the city of Madrid too. The considerable improvement made to the areas around the stadium will benefit all of Madrid’s citizens and those who visit the city. The project will improve the urban environment around the stadium, with 66.700m² of the surrounding area having been urbanised and landscaped to create a large square in the Paseo de la Castellana of over 20.000 m² and another square of 5.500 m² on the corner of calle Padre Damián to make the calle Rafael Salgado a pedestrian street.

The greatest stadium in the world

A legendary stadium

A legendary stadium

Since 1947, this stadium has witnessed the dreams and aspirations of all Real Madrid fans come true.

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En el corazón de Madrid

In the heart of Madrid

The stadium lies in a prime location and is a few short minutes from the Puerta del Sol, the city's airport and Atocha train station.

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Así será el estadio Santiago Bernabéu

The Santiago Bernabéu of the 21st century

All of the work is aimed at optimising the spectator experience and the commercialisation of new revenue streams.

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