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Hotel chain the Palladium Hotel Group was founded at the end of the 1960s in Ibiza by entrepreneur Abel Matutes Juan, with the dream of bringing paradise to tourists and offering them truly incredible experiences. The idea was to design top-of-the-range accommodation all on the basis of luxury, quality and the very best in service. 

Their first ventures came in the Balearic and the Canary Islands, and in the early 90s they continued their journey by opening a range of resorts in the Caribbean. They went on to develop rapidly, setting up hotels in many of the world's best destinations: Spain, Italy, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Brazil. In the year 2000, this selection of hotels was grouped under the name Fiesta Hotel Group. In 2012, the group decided to freshen up the company's image and became the Palladium Hotel Group, taking its name from its five-star resorts in the Caribbean. 

The goal is to transmit a corporate philosophy based on excellence and the highest quality standards as well as a desire to improve and increase its international presence. The Palladium Hotel Group was created to set a clear path to a brand new phase where clients and staff will be the utmost priority.