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Mahou, the quintessential beer flavour, is synonymous with quality and authenticity. True to its origins, over the years it has managed to perfectly combine tradition with innovation, to guarantee the greatness with which it is associated.
It is one of the flagship brands of Mahou San Miguel, a 100% Spanish company and leader of the beer industry in Spain as well as the country’s most internationally recognised beer. The company’s 125-year history began with the creation of Mahou in 1890. Since then, the company has not stopped growing. In 2000, Mahou acquired San Miguel. In 2004, it continued with the acquisition of Canary Island brand Reina and in 2007, with Cervezas Alhambra. Additionally, the business was diversified its portfolio with the 2011 purchase of Solán de Cabras.
Closely tied to Madrid, its place of origin, Mahou has grown with the city and has played a part in its main historical events. Indeed, it supported Real Madrid from the get go, kick starting a fruitful relationship that began during the initial years of the club, a partnership that has continued for over a century afterwards.
Since then, they have collaborated to share the best of sport with fans: the spirit to succeed and the values of teamwork. A perfect symbiosis between two leading brands, united by the passion and the pursuit of excellence in everything they do on an international scale. San Miguel 0´0, the non-alcoholic version of the well-known San Miguel brand, is the sponsor of the Real Madrid Basketball team.