1. Formación Fundación Real Madrid

Sport Values Academy

With more than 20 years of experience in training technical educators, coaches and teachers in social sports projects in more than 100 countries, the Real Madrid Foundation presents its eLearning platform, Sport Values Academy, open to professionals and organizations specialized in education through sports or interested in the application of the positive values that can be present in team sports in the teaching-learning process.

Sport Values Academy is an eLearning initiative inspired by the Real Madrid Foundation's teaching methodology and its pioneering philosophy, embodied in the program "For a REAL Education: Values and Sport", which uses football and basketball as a tool for education in values promoting a comprehensive training of those involved.

The objective of Sport Values Academy is to bring our methodology closer to teachers, coaches, educators or professionals from any sector interested in sports education, in a comfortable and interactive way using multiple online resources. These online training activities will prioritize education in values, inclusive sport and sports psychology applied to different scenarios.

The Real Madrid Foundation, through its Training Department, opens the door for the first time to organizations and people outside the Foundation's scope of activity to transmit their main methodological foundations, which are oriented towards the promotion of values through sport.

Sport Values Academy presents a series of online training courses (courses, workshops and conferences) that allow those taking part to choose small personal enrichment packages, such as the "train your mind" program, specific workshops on certain aspects of the application of values in the education of groups,  and 8-month courses in which students can choose to follow the whole course or select the units or projects that interest them most. As a result, the methodology and knowledge acquired by the Foundation's experience over 20 years can be adapted to the needs of each student according to their specific and individual objectives.

Sport Values Academy is a virtual space for knowledge, personal and professional growth where we also encourage scenarios for building partnerships, promoting personal or professional improvement and enhancing personal skills, not only for sports professionals but also for education, marketing, or human resources, among many other areas in which the values of sport can help improve people's lives.