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Sport Values Academy

With over 20 years’ experience in the training of coach educators, coaches and monitors in socio-sporting projects across over 100 countries, the Real Madrid Foundation has now launched its e-learning programme, Sport Values Academy, which is aimed at professionals and organisations that specialise in educational sport or are interested in the application of the positive values within team sport in teaching and learning processes.

The Sport Values Academy is an e-learning initiative that is based on the Real Madrid Foundation’s didactic methodology and its pioneering philosophy, which is captured in the Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte (For a REAL education: Values and sport) programme, which uses football and basketball as a tool to educate participants in values and offer holistic training.

The Sport Values Academy seeks to provide a training provision for teachers, coaches, educators and professionals from any sector who are interested in educational sport by offering easy and interactive access via an online platform. The online training activities feature content that focuses on education in values, inclusive sport and neuroscience applied to sport and sport psychology applied in a number of fields.

This initiative sees the Real Madrid Foundation, through its Training Department, open its doors to organisations and individuals from outside the Foundation’s activities for the first time with a view to sharing its key methodological foundations, which aim to promote values and sport.

The Sport Values Academy offers you access to online training via a whole range of free, premium content (courses, workshops, congresses, webinars) and allows you to enjoy programmes that will enrich you personally, such as the “train your mind” programme or specific workshops relating to education and social, emotional and family psychology.

The Academy represents an online knowledge and personal and professional development space that offers opportunities to build links and promote and enhance personal skills amongst professionals working in sport, education, marketing, or human resources, amongst a whole host of other areas in which the values of sport help to improve people’s lives.

For any further information, please contact the Real Madrid Foundation’s Training Department via:
Contact telephone number: (0034) 646 51 67 26