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The legacy of the greatest club of all time is based on values that, over time, have shaped an organisation that is the leader on the field and in social, solidarity and financial terms.

Excellence is a hallmark of Real Madrid and has been a key part of our club since its foundation in 1902 and applies to all areas of the club, including the professional, sporting and institutional aspects. This demands that we always offer the highest quality standards in all of the challenges we face. We develop the value of excellence through quality, leadership, demands and talent.

Based on the excellence that’s demanded of us, we accept the commitment that we have with millions of followers across the world. The key here relates to our ability to conduct ourselves in line with all of our values and be loyal to our history, whilst following all that our club represents. Our commitment to sustainability also allows us to reduce our environmental impact across society through responsible financial management, whilst accepting the heritage we have received with the commitment to manage it in an optimal way for the future generations of madridistas.

Our overriding mentality is our winning spirit, which defines our attitude in every respect and sees us adopt a positive attitude to the objectives we set ourselves each season. The attitude that us madridistas have towards life goes a long way to determining the success we are able to achieve in terms of our objectives. We foster our winning spirit through determination, effort, sacrifice, commitment, perseverance and self-improvement.

We show 100% commitment to all of our on-field objectives by adopting a team-based philosophy. All of those of us who are part of Real Madrid, both employees and fans, work together with a focus on winning the next game. It’s an organisational philosophy through which we commit to achieving our objectives with camaraderie, generosity, togetherness and the empathy to achieve a common goal.

Real Madrid treats individuals, institutions and businesses with respect, without offending or harming them. We conduct ourselves in good faith and respect all of the teams that we compete against and their fans. Off the pitch, we enjoy brotherly and supportive relationships with all of the other clubs, whilst offering them and the national and international sporting authorities our continued support.

Real Madrid’s universality extends beyond borders, is timeless and is accessible to everyone in the world. It doesn’t consider race, ideologies, cultures, religions, ways of thinking, place of origin or social status. A universal Real Madrid is a global, multicultural, equal and apolitical Real Madrid, which is what makes us a multigenerational and eternal club.

Our solidarity involves a commitment to be there for those who need it most, particularly children at risk from social exclusion. Real Madrid has to play a useful role within society as a way of thanking society for everything it’s given us throughout our history. Solidarity is a non-negotiable value that we promote through the Real Madrid Foundation, the soul of our club.

We firmly believe that humility is an essential characteristic as we seek to improve every day. Everything that we achieve is the result of sacrifice and hard work, and humility enables us to avoid becoming complacence. Real Madrid considers our opponents to be of equal merit in a showing of utmost respect and every achievement represents a starting point to try and accomplish the next challenge.