That's what magic sounds like


That's what magic sounds like

The champion

The champion's kit

The champion

The champion's kit

Wear the excitement

Wear the excitement

Wear the excitement

Wear the excitement

Schools combo ticket for Tour Bernabéu + Madrid Warner Park

Your experience at the Tour Bernabéu is better if you combine it with the Warner Park Madrid.

Buy your ticket now for the Tour Bernabéu and Warner Park Madrid - a unique experience!

The tour includes:

  • Panoramic view of the stadium, the visit begins in style.
  • The "Best Club in History" room, an audiovisual and interactive journey through the best club of the 20th century.
  • "Sensations" room, feel how your emotions come into play.
  • Video and photo-montages with players; take away a unique and original memory.
  • * Walk around the perimeter of the playing field.
  • * New virtual reality area with 360 degree videos.
  • * The Presidential Box, the most exclusive area of the stadium.
  • * First team dressing room, the place where the best players in the world have been, and the dressing room of the visiting team.
  • * Players' tunnel, from here everything looks different and even more difficult.
  • * Sit in the press room where the coach appears after every game in front of the media.
  • * Official shop: you can take a souvenir of your experience with you.
    You will be able to listen to the white heartbeat and walk around every corner of the heart of Real Madrid accompanied by your family and friends.

(*) Due to the works being carried out at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the Tour route will be temporarily affected and these areas will not be able to be visited. We thank you for your understanding. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Enjoy the excitment to the max

Come and see the only place in the world where you can see the 13 Champions League titles won by the best club of the 20th century.

You can't leave Madrid without visiting one of the most visited museums in the city!



If your group consists of more than 20 people, you can easily make your booking and manage all the details of your visit yourself.

  • One registration for all the times you come.
  • Your tickets always on hand: download all the tickets for your visit from any device.
  • Pay for your visit as you wish: you decide how and when to pay for your next visit.
  • Control your bookings and retrieve previous purchases: Access your bookings in real time, retrieve previous purchases and much more.

The scene of the GREATEST FEATS

LiveThe experience

  • The scene of the GREATEST FEATSThe scene of the GREATEST FEATS

    The scene ofTHE GREAT DEEDS

    The visit to the Bernabéu Tour begins at the highest part of the stadium, with an incredible panoramic view of the field and the silence that contrasts with the atmosphere created by the 80,000 voices that cheer the team on at home.



    The experience continues with a journey through the largest collection of objects and trophies from the 'best club of the 20th century'. Discover the history of Real Madrid through its legends, of yesterday and today, and its titles.

  • The seat of the GREATEST EMOTIONSThe seat of the GREATEST EMOTIONS

    The seat of theGREAT EMOTIONS

    On the Tour Bernabéu you will be able to access the benches and feel like the coach of Real Madrid. At the foot of the pitch you will have a privileged view of the field of play where so many victories have taken place in the history of Real Madrid.

  • The sanctuary of the GREATEST LEGENDSThe sanctuary of the GREATEST LEGENDS

    The sanctuary of the GREAT LEGENDS

    It is one of the most important places for the team, where the players receive instructions from the coach and prepare for a battle on the pitch. The dressing room at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium is where the big victories are forged.

  • The story of the GREATEST NIGHTSThe story of the GREATEST NIGHTS

    The story of theBIG NIGHTS

    In the press room you can sit in the chair where the coach appears after the games to answer questions from the media and you will feel like a member of the team.

You can also liveTOUR BERNABÉU

  • Educational Product!


    Tour Bernabéu

    from15(per person)

    It includes:

    • Classic Tour Bernabéu in group
    • Interactive audio guide
    More information
  • Classic

    Tour Bernabéu

    from9(per person)

    It includes:

    • Real Madrid C.F. Museum
    • Panoramic views of the inside of the stadium
    • Temporary exhibitions
    More information
  • Guided visit

    Tour Bernabéu

    from17(per person)

    It includes:

    • Classic Tour Bernabéu in group
    • Official guided tour with commentary
    More information

Organise your visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our customers' most frequently asked questions

If I buy the ticket online, do I have to go to the ticket office?
It is not necessary, you must print it out or download the code on your mobile device and then access directly through Tower B.
I have been given tickets for the Tour Bernabeu. What do I do when I get to the stadium?
As you already have the tickets you should not go to the ticket office. You will be able to access the Tour directly through Tower B.
From what age do children pay?
From 5 years old (included), always having to be accompanied by an adult.
I have a Madridista card, can someone else use it?
No, discounts are only applicable to cardholders. They must present it at the entrance to the Tour.
Is there any kind of discount for the Tour Bernabéu?
The only discounts are applied to members, Madridistas and groups.
I read that the closing time is 7pm, does that mean I have to leave the stadium at that time?
You can enter until 7pm from Monday to Saturday and until 6:30pm on Sundays and public holidays. After that you can do the Tour for one hour. The departure time from Monday to Saturday is at 8pm and at 7.30pm on Sundays and public holidays.
Special timetable on match days.
On match day you can do the Tour up to 5 hours before the match starts and the changing rooms will be closed (from the day before at 1pm). Afterwards and up to 4 hours before, it will only be possible to visit the "Best Club in History" room, the "Sensations" room and the panoramic view of the stadium).
I want to take a guided tour for my school group, how can I book it?
You can hire a guide service exclusively at the time you choose within the usual opening hours of the Tour. To do so, fill in this form and we will confirm your visit within 24 to 48 hours.
Is the tour the same for self-guided and guided visits?
Yes, it is the same
Accessibility and wheelchair policy.
Wheelchairs: it is not possible to do the Bernabeu Tour in its entirety. Instead, an alternative tour will be offered to the "Best Club in History", "Sensations Room" and a panoramic view from one of the VIP areas including a companion.

The staff at the ticket office will give you directions on how to get there once you arrive.

Can I take photos or videos on the Tour?
Yes, it is allowed throughout the tour, including the museum.
Is there a locker to leave suitcases, baby buggies, etc.?
There is no place to leave your luggage.
Is it possible to take the tour with a suitcase or baby carriage?
It is possible to do so, but we would like to inform you that the route of the Tour runs through many flights of stairs.
Once I have accessed the Tour, can I go out and come back in?
No, only one access is allowed.
Can I access with my pet?
Access is only possible with guide dogs.
What is the maximum capacity that has been established?
Attendance on the Tour Bernabéu is limited by capacity control to make it easier to keep a safe distance. Alterations to the route, the ordering of entrances and exits or the exclusion of rooms for safety reasons may be introduced.
Do I need to wear a mask?
The use of masks is compulsory, except in the cases established by law.
What other hygienic measures should I apply during my visit?
Frequent hand washing or the use of hydroalcoholic solution is recommended. It is important to comply with the safe social distance (2 meters).
What Tour services are temporarily unavailable for security reasons?
For security reasons, the lockers service will not be available. Audio guides, brochures and other similar printed material will not be available either. Please make use of the online information material. The use of the lifts will be limited to the cases that are strictly necessary and the use of the stairs is advised.
  • Official Tour Bernabéu tickets
  • 100% secure purchase
  • Discounts for Madridistas
  • Preferential access without queuing at the ticket office