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Didactic units


6 to 12 years

primary teacher

Material didáctico Primaria del Real Madrid

Didactic Unit for Primary Level

If you are a primary school teacher you can download here the educational syllabus that we have prepared at Real Madrid, it will support the subjects you teach in class to your students aged 6-12.

This teaching material contains subjects and exercises totally compatible with the usual contents of the school year, but taking sport as a reference: finding out the capital of the country of origin of the players (geography), problems with the different scores in basketball (mathematics)...

Sport is associated with a series of values ​​that Real Madrid represent (teamwork, improving, companionship...) and that by taking them to the classroom it will allow your students to approach the subjects from an entertaining and stimulating point of view so that they can apply it to themselves in their day to day life.

Unidad didáctica para primaria

12 to 16 years


Material didáctico Secundaria del Real Madrid

Didactic unit for secondary

If you teach Secondary, you can download the educational syllabus here. It underpins the subjects you teach in class to your students aged 12-16. This didactic material contains subjects and exercises that are totally compatible with the habitual contents that are taught during the school year, taking sport as a reference: writing a sports newspaper article (Spanish language), calculating the speed of the ball in a free-throw (physical ) ...

Sport is linked to a series of values that, when taken to the classroom, allows your students to approach the subject from an entertaining and stimulating point of view that they can apply to their day to day

Unidad didáctica para secundaria

General Information about the Tour Bernabéu

  • Monday to Saturday from 09.30am to 7pm.
  • Sundays and holidays from 10am to 6.30pm.

Wheelchair users: It is not currently possible to complete the entire Tour Bernabéu. We offer a free visit to the "Best Club in History" room, "Sensations" room and a visit to the substitutes bench with an accompanying visitor.

+34 91 398 43 70

Tickets are sold at Box Office 3, beside Gate 34 (Concha Espina Avenue, entrance at Tower B) or you can buy in advance in order to avoid queues at box office.

Open every day except the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Adults €25, Children (up to 14 years old) €18.00, Adult Membership Card holders €17.00, Junior Membership Card holders €13.00. Season-ticket holders get in for free when they present their membership card (not their season-ticket) at the ticket office. Combined School Tickets

On the day of the match, the Tour can be taken up to 5 hours before the start of the match and the changing rooms will be closed (from the day before at 1pm). Afterwards, and up to 4 hours before, it will only be possible to visit the "Best Club in History" room, the "Sensations" room and the panoramic view of the stadium.

The visit to the Santiago Bernabéu is self-guided and includes panoramic view of the stadium, "Best Club in History" room, "Sensations" room, photomontages, pitch side, presidential box, changing rooms, players tunnel, benches and technical area, press room and official store. Due to the different events that take place at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the Tour Bernabéu may vary its route and its schedule, informing the visitor both at the ticket offices, on the website and at the access gate to the Tour.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

  • AddressAv. Concha Espina 1, 28036, Madrid - España

  • Bus14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 126, 147 y 150

  • MetroSantiago Bernabéu. L10

  • TrainNuevos Ministerios