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The European champions share La Undécima with the madridistas

NEWS STORY. 23/05/2023. Photographer: Víctor Carretero

The squad, coaching staff and Board of Directors have paid visits to the headquarters of the Community of Madrid and the City Hall.

Real Madrid's basketball team presented their eleventh European Cup to the Madrid-based institutions after being crowned continental champions on Sunday, winning the EuroLeague final in Kaunas. The squad and coaching staff, allongside president Florentino Pérez and the Board of Directors, visited the headquarters of the Community of Madrid and City Hall.

The team left the sports centre at Real Madrid City headed for the Real Casa de Correos, the base of the Community of Madrid. President Isabel Díaz Ayuso welcomed the champions and congratulated them on winning the title. Florentino Pérez and Sergio Llull presented her with a replica of the trophy and a jersey. Ayuso responded by giving them a commemorative plaque. The Real Madrid had a few words on the achievement: "This latest feat will remain imprinted forever in the memory and in the hearts of all the fans. It symbolises what Real Madrid is and what it means to be a madridista. An unbelievable example of battling against the odds, of rising to a challenge with the conviction never to give in."

“What we experience in Kaunas on Sunday is the culmination of a path towards the impossible. These special players, with immense heart, have once again shown why they are a crucial part of this club's history. This is also a hugely special trophy for our coach. Dear Chus Mateo, I would like to thank you and I congratulate you on what you have achieved thanks to your constant hard work, knowledge and humility."

Sporting values
“The events are very serious and it's not the first time it's happened. Society does not deserve what is going on at the moment. Sport is a meeting place, a place for shared values and living side by side. It's respect and solidarity. I would like to make it crystal clear that Real Madrid will not tolerate further racist abuse or incidents against our players. It is essential that we bring radical change to the refereeing structure in our country's football in order to ensure we may never blame the victim of the crime, as is the case at the moment."

Ayuso: “This victory further enhances the club's history”
Real Madrid continue to make history and yet again they kept us on the edge of our seats until the final minute. It was one of those victories that will live long in the memory and which further enhance the history of this club. Llull's basket with 3 seconds left is now part of that epic moment. It looked as though we were up against but the trophy is back here now. This club is known for its grace, greatness and an immense winning mentality. All Real Madrid stands for transcends football and basketball. This school of values is transmitted in every game and in every project Real Madrid and its Foundation is involved in."

Llull: “This team never gives us”
“We're thrilled to be here again to present this new EuroLeague title. Thank you, president, because none of this would be possible without you. This title was extremely hard-fought. Nobody had ever come from 0-2 down in the playoff and it just had to be Real Madrid that would be the first. Then in the Final Four, we all performed really well. The EuroLeague has shown what this jersey is all about: never letting your head drop, and never giving up. I hope we're back here with the league trophy in a month's time.”

Following the end of the speeches and group photos, the players headed out onto the balcony to present the trophy to the fans and thank the madridistas who congregated at the Puerta del Sol. The team then made their way to Cibeles, the seat of City Hall, where mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida was waiting to greet them. There was another exchange of gifts as Florentino Pérez and Sergio Llull presented him with a replica of the trophy and a jersey, while the mayor offered them a statue of Madrid's famous bear and strawberry tree."

Florentino Pérez: “We are the club of the 25 European Cups”
“We bring you the eleventh European Cup. We made it following an incredible ride throughout one of our toughest ever seasons. With unforgettable and unprecedented comebacks in the EuroLeague, like our feat against Partizan. A Final Four that was won thanks to hard work, sacrifice and the fighting spirit of a group of immensely talented players who gave it their all. The incredible Llull's incredible basket will be eternal and one of the greatest symbols of this Undécima."

“We are eternally grateful to our fans. Together, we have been able to achieve things that would have been impossible for any other. We are the club of the 25 European Cups, 14 in football and 11 in basketball. All have been won thanks to the values of Real Madrid, a set of principles that have guided and will continue to guide our course."
Almeida: “You are the symbol of this city”
“We're so proud of what you have achieved, you are the symbol of this city. The epic nature of this eleventh European Cup will live on forever. You have had some difficult moments this season, which makes this win even greater. You continue to elevate the name of this city. As mayor, I can only say how proud we are of how you compete and the values you display. Congratulations. I'm sure you'll be bringing more trophies back here. I'd like to conclude by saying, president, you have the solidarity of this city: no to racism and xenophobia."

Support for Vini Jr.
In his speech at City Hall, Sergio Llull stated: “I'd like to start by sending a huge hug to Vini Jr. Racism has no place in sport or in society. As for the trophy, what we have done this season in the EuroLeague is admirable. When things were at their worst, we showed the character this team possesses. We never stopped fighting and that took us to another Final Four. We're extremely proud to be here presenting another trophy and we'll work hard to come back here with the League title as well."