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Florentino Pérez: “We deserved this Euroleague because we believed until the end”

NEWS STORY. 21/05/2023

“This victory came from faith, from conviction, from unity, from the fact that everyone is united and fights until the end to achieve things”, said the president.

Real Madrid won their eleventh European Basketball Cup at the Zalgirio Arena. After the final, the president Florentino Pérez showed his delight to the media: "I want to thank all madridistas, the coach and the team for doing things that seem impossible. It's seen to be normal because it's a way of winning that we're used to. We had to suffer a lot, but we earned this Euroleague because we believed in it until the end".
"The excitement and the connection between all the players, the coach and the fans are what make it possible. The players have so much belief in getting out of this kind of situation that they fought for it until the last second or the last three seconds. They deserve it because when you do it so many times it's not a coincidence".

Fighting until the end
"We've won another Cup. We played amazing games like the ones against Partizan, Barça and this final. We have shown the whole world that by believing, as the players have done, we can win even if we have difficulties. We fought until the end, as our club's motto says".
Confident of victory
"I suffered, although not too much because I was so convinced because they've done it so many times that I thought why wouldn't they do it again today. It's a great storyline for this Euroleague. We won the last few games while suffering, but with the conviction that we were going to win it". 

Chus Mateo
"I'm so happy for the fans and I'm happy for Chus Mateo. He's had a tough year and I think we've been unfair on him. We're giving him recognition today and he's a great coach. Winning eleven European Cups is not easy".

"The last few games could be made into a documentary, which we'll do for sure. This victory came from faith, from conviction, from unity, from the fact that everyone is united and fights until the end to achieve things. It's not a coincidence when this kind of thing happens time and time again in the Euroleague. We are pleased to have such a good team that doesn't stop fighting until the last second".
"Tavares is a fantastic player. Every player has been great. Llull, who scored the last basket, Chacho... you could make a documentary about this game. This shows how together everyone is and the belief that they had in the victory. They represent this club, its values and its history".
"We've now got the league left in basketball and they're going to fight for sure. We don't always win but we win a lot thanks to the culture and values of this club. We know the excitement behind this club and our duty is to keep doing the same".