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A look at the Real Madrid Fan Zone in Seville

NEWS STORY. 05/05/2023

It is located on the esplanade of the Los Olmos car park, next to the Alamillo Park, and will be open today from 12am to 7pm.

Madrid fans travelling to Seville for the Copa del Rey final can soak up the atmosphere at the club's Fan Zone. The zone is located on the Los Olmos car park esplanade, next to the Alamillo Park (click here to see the map), and it will be open today from 12am until 7pm. The Fan Zone features a catering service, an official shop with commemorative items of the final and live music performances by leading bands. The location is a 12-minute walk from La Cartuja stadium and 30 minutes from the centre of Seville.
Arrival at the stadium
Due to the mass crowds in the surrounding area, it is advisable to arrive at the stadium well in advance. The gates will open at 7pm and the area assigned to our team inside the stadium is the north area. The entrances assigned to our fans are D, E and F (you can consult the specific entrance on the front of your ticket).
The entry check process will be rigorous: validity check, turnstiles and body check. Backpacks larger than 29x21x21 cm (equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper) will not be allowed in. You can check the list of prohibited objects through this link.

Travel by car
If you are travelling by car from Madrid, the road authorised by the organisers is the A-IV. The car park for Real Madrid fans is located at this location, and you can purchase a parking ticket on this website (buy parking tickets). The control and management of access to this car park remains the sole and exclusive responsibility of the La Cartuja stadium, and Real Madrid accepts no responsibility for any incidents that may occur.
The maximum size of banners allowed is 2x 1.5m. There will be appropriately identified club security personnel both in the stadium and in the Fan Zone, who will be ready to provide assistance or to call upon the authorities should the need arise.