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Ancelotti: "I'm going to field the best possible eleven for a demanding game."

NEWS STORY. 01/05/2023

"Quality up front makes the difference, but the foundation is defensive commitment," explained the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at Real Madrid Sport City the day before LaLiga matchday 33 against Real Sociedad. The coach said: "It's a demanding game because we're playing against a good team. We have some injuries and some can't play because they are suspended. It's going to be a tough game. The schedule doesn't make sense, but it's what we have to do. We travel to San Sebastian with all the desire in the world to play a good game."

"Militão is fine, he had a personal issue and joined us at training after the start. He'll play tomorrow. We'll have to evaluate Valverde's situation because he's been doing individual work in the pool but he might be back in time. Alaba will not be available because he has only just started training with the group. It's good news about Modrić as he may well be ready for Saturday's game."

Recovery of the squad
"We're in good physical condition at this stage of the season. The problem with all matches like tomorrow's is recovering in three days. We have to assess the players' recovery thoroughly and we'll put out the best side possible. We're playing against a strong opponent and we have to show the best we have."

Future projects
"The club's future project is to sign a '9', because Karim is at the age he is. We hadn't thought about it until his recent trouble. The attacking line-up worked very well last year, as it is this year. Benzema has had ups and downs, but Vini Jr. and Rodrygo have both progressed. Asensio's also been doing very well. Our strikeforce hasn't been the problem over the last two years."

Benzema and the non-regulars
"He might play as a starter. He's a bit tired but if he's well and has no real problems he'll play. I won't rotate apart from the injuries. We play at ten o'clock at night and we have time to recover. I'll put out the best side and if the non-regulars deserve to start the game, then they will."
"Kroos likes to play football in whatever position. He can play as a defensive midfielder or inside left. In some games you might need a taller pivot to help defend crosses; other times you don't. You don't have to convince him to play as a defensive midfielder because he's more than used to it. He's very good for us in that position because he's great at brining the ball out."
Nico Paz
"He has the potential to play in the first team. He's done very well with Arbeloa and in Raúl's Castilla."


"What Antetokounmpo said was amazing. I have nothing to add because I agree with it 100%. Nor in sport or in life can you talk about failure. Failure is when you don't try to do your best. If you do your best, you can have a clear conscience. Things can go well or badly. In sport you lose more times than you win. I have a very big trophy cabinet filled with the titles I've won, but if I counted the ones I've lost, I'd have a house full."
Offensive quality
"Sometimes we think everything can be fixed with offensive quality. Quality up front makes a difference, but the foundation is defensive commitment. That offensive quality is always going to help us might not always be the case."

Could Vinicius do with a red card to stop him protesting so much?
"A red card? No, definitely not! With all the yellow cards he's had, that's enough. A red card is just what he doesn't need."

"He was here with us and now he's doing very well with Real Sociedad. We'll talk about it in the coming months, taking into account the competition in the squad."
Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Castilla
"I know this Copa del Rey final. I think Madrid and Castilla can't play in official competitions because it's our youth team. These things have to be separated."
"I'm not going to talk about my future but this deadline business is nonsense. There is no date because I haven't spoken to anyone."
The Brazilian profile
"Brazilians often stand out for their individual qualities. I've had lots of players like this like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Pato or Kaka. Each one has his own characteristics. Players who like to dribble such as Vinicius and Rodrygo were hard to come by as it's difficult to find this profile in world football now."
"Barcelona have had a high level of consistency and have won some tough games. If they win the league it means they have deserved to."