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Valverde: “It's been a great journey to get here and we want to win the Club World Cup”

NEWS STORY. 07/02/2023. Mireia Jiménez

"This was the first trophy I won with Real Madrid and it was very special, it was very important in my career", explained the midfielder.

Fede Valverde appeared before the media ahead of the Club World Cup semi-final against Al Ahly (Wednesday, 8pm CET). The midfielder said: "The Club World Cup was the first trophy I won and it was very special. It was very important in my career since I arrived at Madrid. It's a beautiful trophy and the journey to get here is also very beautiful, all that you have to fight for. Winning the Champions League the way we did, against the opponents we beat. This is the end of that journey and hopefully it ends well".

"I try to enjoy every minute at Real Madrid and enjoy every competition. I'm very happy and looking forward to playing".
The schedule 
"It's part of modern football, we're playing more and more and there's less and less time to rest. It's been tough this year with the Club World Cup and the World Cup, I always try to take the positives out of everything. We need to continue to improve physically to avoid injuries and problems. The game is growing and there is less and less rest, we play every 2 or 3 days, and that's a good thing".
The exit in Qatar
"It affected me. We had a goal and you have so much excitement, desire and optimism for everything to go well, you want to fight for it in the best possible way. I was playing very well before the World Cup. I'm not at the same level now but that's part of football, we'll always have obstacles - I have to keep working hard and show the same attitude I had. That is going to help me return to where I want to be, to become captain of this club, which is what I've always wanted".
"Since I arrived at Madrid he's been an incredible person who possesses a lot of values and I think that he's no different out on the pitch. He tries to enjoy football in his own way, like a lot of Brazilians, very cheerful and having fun. At times when a certain player is fouled a lot it's part of football but we have to stick up for him. 

If you're so upset with a 22-year-old or a 21-year-old player, you're not thinking about it. He's still a person who could have problems at home. He could be the son of any of the fans. He deserves a bit more respect. When there are a lot of issues against a player, everybody should take a look at why. He's a young man who enjoys football in his own way".

Playing in Morocco
"I think the fans are amazing. The stadium is incredible and the reception we got yesterday was very nice. I saw how they feel and enjoy football and I think it's beautiful, it's similar to how it's experienced in my country. It's a nice place for the Club World Cup. We're going to put on a good show so that everyone can enjoy our football".
The opposition
"We seen videos of the matches of the team. I know they have a lot of supporters, a good fan base, and I'm looking forward to it because I come from a country where football is lived in a crazy way. On a team level we know what they're about and what they create on the pitch and their history, because of everything they've won. They deserve the utmost respect, like any opponent, but we have to focus on ourselves and go out to win".
His form
"When you go onto a football pitch, you try to put your problems behind you. I try to forget, enjoy myself and just do my job in a good way. I've got my family to support me and give me advice. When we don't get the results and on a personal level when things don't go well, you get angry and frustrated. I was unhappy against Atleti because when you start the game you like to finish it and get the win. The same against Mallorca. We're very competitive and we want to win. When I go out and we don't get a good result it makes me angry, but I have to keep on improving".
His position
"I've always said that I feel most comfortable playing centrally, but when I started playing on the wing was when I was happiest and when I enjoyed football the most. I try to enjoy myself and learn in whatever position I play. When you are a versatile player you're always an option for the coach, so I have to be open to everything and continue to contribute with goals and assists wherever I play".