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Florentino Pérez: "The new season has kicked off full of excitement"

NEWS STORY. 10/08/2022

"We always go out to win everything and we will continue to work hard to make our fans happy", added the president.

Florentino Pérez addressed the media at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. Real Madrid's president was delighted to have won the fifth UEFA Super Cup: "Every madridistas is very happy and very pleased to have won the UEFA Super Cup. First of all, you have to earn your place in the final and then you have to win it. It was a typical final. The two teams were aware that with any mistake could lead to the other team winning the title, but we didn't give them anything".
"We've got a great team and thanks to a job well done. We always go out to win everything and we will continue to work hard to make our fans happy. We've got a good team, a good team spirit and we have to continue improving on that because that's key to winning trophies. We're looking forward to the new season getting underway on Sunday. I ask nothing more of the players than to continue doing what they're doing now and to stick to the path they're on".

Last season's successes
"Everything went well for us last season, but we must continue working hard as we're constantly looking to the future and the coach and players are well aware of that. We have to continue training well and Ancelotti has to manage the squad. We're not looking to bring anyone else in at the moment. Ancelotti is managing the squad really well and that's a part of having a successful season".

"I'm not worried if Benzema's goals dry up because we've got so many forwards that it won't be noticed. He deserved the Ballon d'Or last year and it's already unquestionable this year".

Real Madrid fans in Helsinki
"There were all those who have come here and a lot of people who live here. Real Madrid fans are all over the world and we saw a lot of them today".

30 football titles and 31 for Bernabéu
"Bernabéu has a different story and is the creator of this Real Madrid. He will not be judged by titles but by his work. I just try to measure up to what he did, that's enough for me. The comparison is not based on titles".

"Barcelona is one of the most important institutions in the world together with Real Madrid. They'll be back to what they were and that's important for Spanish and world football".