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La campaña “Todos con Ucrania” se completa con la atención a menores desplazados en programas de la Fundación

Displaced minors receive support through Foundation programmes as part of Everyone with Ukraine campaign

NEWS STORY. 10/08/2022

The Milan school and a number of reception centres are hosting young refugees.

The “Todos con Ucrania” (Everyone with Ukraine) campaign rolled out by the Real Madrid Foundation on 4 March, which benefited from the backing of Real Madrid and resulted in donations that amounted to 1m euros and 13,000 items of clothing and pieces of sports equipment, remains in place through various initiatives run both in Spain and abroad.
During the summer months, scholarships have been offered for the campus events (financed by Saint Gobain Isover) and programmes run at children's centres with the support of HSBC and the UEFA Foundation for Children. The Foundation's local partners continue to offer support in various countries that are home to socio-sporting schools, such as Romania and Poland.

The Real Madrid Foundation's school in Milan, which is run in conjunction with the Portofranco association and Fatima Traccia, has continued its activities on the ground thanks to the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children and is actively working with young Ukrainian migrants. The Milan socio-sporting football and values school, whose coaches benefited from training last season, provided participants nutritional support and academic support classes offered by teachers from the Portofranco Association and its volunteers, as well as psychosocial care in conjunction with Fatima Traccia.